Fitness App Development

What is the price of developing a fitness application? It is definitely one of the first questions you will ask while trying to figure out how to start an online fitness business.

It is useless to look into the average cost of developing an app because there are numerous factors that affect the overall cost while developing a fitness app.

If we tried to enter a specific figure, we would just be guessing. It is probably between $50 and $100K for the MVP and between $100 and $500K for a perfectly functioning solution. Therefore, let us try to figure out whether your fitness app falls into the $50–100K or $100–500K category rather than giving you a rough app development cost estimate that has little to do with reality.

This article aims to provide you with a few benchmarks for different aspects. You can use them to achieve your own goals and context. You will understand the factors that affect app development costs by the end of this article. Additionally, you will discover how to set up your own budget for the development of fitness apps. The same standards will be followed when creating workout apps, activity tracking apps, and other kinds of health and fitness apps. Let us get into it in a detailed manner.

What influences the cost of developing fitness apps?

You can find some basic cost breakdowns for developing apps in this part along with the main factors you should be aware of when you start estimating the cost of developing fitness applications. Which one is the most important? Sadly, there is no clear answer to the query of what makes a good fitness app. It is up to you to make the choice. Find the middle ground between your targeted focus and the total cost.

1. Reliability

How much time and money are dedicated to assuring the reliability of your fitness app will be greatly influenced by the desired performance. You have to be mindful that the complexity of the code escalates if you want everything to be absolutely watertight. This is due to the fact that you must examine every flow and line of code in the app to ensure that it is constantly operating as intended. This costs money and consumes the time of developers.

2. App’s Availability

You must choose the platforms to release your customized fitness app. Choose the platform to start with after looking up other app users’ whereabouts. Each has a separate cost factor to take into account. Because each platform needs a different codebase and has specific requirements, releasing it on several platforms will also substantially increase the cost.

3. App Performance

Fitness app users expect them to function well and without errors. However, the cost will increase in direct proportion to how effectively you want the app to function. It takes additional resources to identify any potential issues and fix the problem to enhance in-app performance.

4. App Complexity

Developing a design that stands out is more expensive than using an off-the-shelf template because it requires the development team to devote time and resources to a wide range of design details. In contrast to an application that uses user data to support the fitness goals of its users, a straightforward fitness app will be less expensive.

Top factors that influence the cost of your fitness app development

We must consider various details in order to know, “How much does it cost to create a fitness app”

Integrations with other tools

The complexity of the project rises when a fitness app is integrated with multiple servers, web services, payment options, external data sources, or even just basic social media integration. Your maintenance and development costs for your fitness app will follow. There are some other concerns it might raise as well. For instance, when the services you want to integrate with might not have a suitable API available.

What should a fitness app have in terms of features?

You must be very specific about the range of features you want to include when estimating the cost of developing an app. It will significantly affect how much developer time is needed. Consider all the filters, search engines, push notifications, training recommendations, user account logins, payments, etc. Basic features can take weeks to complete while others may only take just several hours. The cost will also be affected if the features call for specific expertise from highly experienced app developers.

Would you also like to add some AI-powered features? You can gain a competitive edge by using recommender systems that advise user-based learning or attrition prediction models. However, you must keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence development services are expensive (costing anywhere from $10.000 to $25.000 just to launch with a Proof of Concept) and necessitate a sufficient amount of data beforehand.

Consider whether you could use third-party providers to accomplish some of the needed functionalities while coming up with fitness app features. For instance, rather than making it yourself, you can combine it with a customer feedback platform if you wish to gather input from your consumers. This can significantly cut down upfront costs. However, keep in mind that you will eventually have to pay subscription fees for these services. Therefore, you must consider those options.

Types of fitness apps: web-based, mobile-based or both?

You have a variety of alternatives when deciding what kind of app you want to create and each have a different cost implication. A web-based app – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), or native mobile apps (Android and iOS apps) are typically your options.

You should consider your target market’s area and the most efficient ways to reach them before making this choice. You could make some savings by only creating an iOS app if your target audience uses iPhones. Conversely, if they use other phones, you might decide to design an Android app instead of an iOS app.

However, choosing a Progressive Web App is generally a better alternative if your audience is diverse and you need to be cross-platform. Your costs will be far more manageable in this case than they would be if you were to create individual fitness apps for each platform. You will receive a single structure that can be used on all platforms, including the web and mobile, which is a tremendous point of leverage for cash flow.

Design Complexity: Price Range

You must take design complexity into account while developing a fitness app. You may significantly cut costs here if you are okay with your app’s user interface simply employing an existing design template. However, you’ll need to invest money in product design services to make this a reality if you want something truly distinctive with a creative flair that helps to distinguish your business.

How interactive you want the app to be and what kinds of animations you might want to incorporate depend on another factor. The cost of the overall design will be impacted by each of these. Your app budget will increase in direct proportion to the more complex it is.

Team and Required Roles

You need to select whether you are going to make a fitness app in-house or hire an App development company to do it for you. This will also affect the cost of app development as each one has its own pros and cons.

1. In-House Development Team:

In the long run, hiring an internal development team tends to be more expensive and risky because it is difficult to find skilled IT specialists. Hiring just one app developer can cost you over $30k and take over 42 days. There is always the possibility that you do not evaluate your hires correctly and they do not really have what they need. That can happen if you are not a techie.

Additionally, keep in mind that developing an app involves more than just coding. It also involves efficient and repeatable processes that support your team in producing a quality final product. Additionally, it is crucial to comprehend your target audience in order to create a product that will both fulfil and exceed their demands. The code you require is merely a tool that will assist your company in providing people with the services they need.

Furthermore, each hire creates a monthly salary cost that is not necessarily based on the project outcomes, so there are inefficiencies that can occur. Lastly, you have to spend a lot of time and energy motivating your team through various perks and benefits that ensure that you can retain them – especially in a very competitive industry. In the event of just one developer’s loss at a crucial point, the project could be halted completely.

2. Outsource Fitness App Development to an app development company:

When you work with an experienced technology partner, you get the benefits of a proven, repeatable development process, as well as the right skills and experience. Because of this, these projects are generally of lower risk and more cost-effective in the long run. You also gain a better understanding of project costs and roles.

The fact is that while development teams and scrum masters are unavoidable in any project, it is also a good idea to invest in quality assurance (QA) professionals so that everything runs smoothly. The design of an app might also require you to hire a UI/UX designer. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with requirements engineering and backlog management, we recommend working with a tech partner that also provides a PO proxy.

How much does it cost to create a fitness app?

What does it cost to create a fitness app and Do you mean calculating the cost or developing the app? Consequently, it is obvious that the cost of developing a fitness app depends on a variety of factors, including its feature, design, back-end infrastructure, and much more. For the simplest MVP, it may just cost $50, 000; however, a fully functional product might cost you a lot more.

It’s always worthwhile speaking with certain companies that provide fitness app development solutions if you have no prior expertise in developing these types of applications or assessing the development cost. While they won’t be able to provide you with a specific quote during the initial conversation, they will undoubtedly be able to provide you with an approximate estimate after carefully reviewing your needs and your ambitions. They will also aid you in choosing tech solutions, roles, features, and the like because they have a lot of experience assisting businesses.

It may turn out that you do not need to create your fitness app’s features and integrations right away, even if you have an idea of how they should function and appear. Instead, a competent web application development company should assist you in setting priorities. They may help you design the scope for the MVP and then plan the new features for later development by comprehending your business goals. You can achieve your business objectives thanks to all of this.

Where to find a reliable app development company?

Finding a professional and reliable app development company can be a hectic and tiring process. You will need to go through extensive and deep market research to shortlist the best service provider. Also, you will need to make sure that the app development company fulfils your requirements and understand your business objective to make your fitness app the way you desire before hiring one.

If you want to create a fitness app, you can get in touch with CloudXperte. We are a professional Cloud enablement solution provider that has won the trust of many customers. We offer comprehensive app development services. Using our developers, you can save money on your fitness app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. CloudXperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.

There is no denying the advantages of outsourcing app development. A project can be completed faster and cheaper by using an overseas team. A well-established application development company can offer a pool of professionals, a broad range of experience, and much more.

It is more difficult to determine the amount of time (or effort) it takes to develop each feature of your app. If you understand this principle, you can better calculate the cost of building your app. As a result, outsourcing an experienced app development company makes more sense in the long run, even though it seems counterintuitive at first. The faster it takes to develop a particular feature, the better the quality.

It is best to elevate your project budget as much as you can give your constraints. Realistically, it is advisable to postpone the project if you only have a few hundred dollars to spare until you have adequate available funds to move on with it. A simple mobile app should only cost a few thousand dollars at most, whereas more complex mobile app development can cost upwards of tens of thousands.

In the next segments of this article, we will go into the detail about the cost related to outsourcing the development of mobile applications as well as the advantages of doing so.

Factors influencing the cost of outsourcing app development

The complicated procedure that goes into creating custom applications includes a variety of factors that affect the total cost of developing an app. When project specifications and features are undefined, it can be challenging to estimate app development costs.

Let us look at the list of factors that influence the cost:

  • The complexity of features of the app.
  • Size and experience of the developer team.
  • Outsourcing app development costs from different regions.

1. Development team

App development companies have all the tools and resources they need to make top-notch, innovative applications. The size of the development team and the skill level of the developers are key factors in app development costs.

You can get highly skilled and knowledgeable people in India who can assist you in developing effective, feature-rich apps. You go through a full workflow from the planning phase to the deployment phase with the help of our dedicated team of specialists:

  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designers
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Project Manager

For instance, developing a simple app takes less time and just needs a small development team to finish a project and launch it. In comparison, an app with more integrations and complicated features needs a skilled team and more time to finish the development process and test it thoroughly before launching the app.

In addition, one should adhere to a detailed and accurate MVP (minimum viable product) structure to develop a profitable application. You will need a suitable procedure and the appropriate resources for the application to be more successful. Additionally, the engagement model you select for your company’s needs may have an impact on the cost of outsourcing.

2. Features and app complexity

An application’s complexity and development time are factors that can make it more difficult to spin around specific features. A custom app development company can make it simpler to select the appropriate hiring model and provide the best app development services. Using an outsourcing app development company allows you to access experts and technical resources from all over the world.

3. UI/UX Designers

The importance of app design does not require an explanation. A successful app is one with an appealing design that attracts more users. Users can abandon the application due to a less user-friendly and ineffective UI. Users are trying to exit the app more frequently because of long loading times and too many advertisements.

Therefore, skilled UI/UX designers that comprehend the necessity and provide appealing and pertinent app designs are necessary for effective app development. Experienced app designers are needed who can help you with the best app design in order to produce wireframes and demonstrate the structure of the application. Annually, the cost of a designer is approximately $10,499 in India and $85,499 in the US.

4. Backend infrastructure of mobile app development

The server on which the software is running makes up the backend infrastructure. It will make it easier for the app to interact with data sources and give you a variety of options for giving your mobile app the required backend infrastructure.

  • Data storage.
  • Data sharing.
  • Analytics for data.
  • Storing and updating content on the app.
  • Reuse the maintained centralized space for business apps.

5. Android/iOS Developers

The entire app development is the responsibility of developers. Technology experts and developers with a proactive approach to problem-solving will assess the project stack and provide faultless app development.

Software developers are passionate about technology and develop exceptional apps; as a result, they have an impact on the overall cost of outsourcing mobile app development.

Indian companies that create iOS apps charge $25 per hour, whereas those that work with Android are required to pay $35. Therefore, depending on their company requirements and budget limitations, companies have a variety of options when choosing an app development partner.

6. Mobile app development security requirements

Since app security is the most important factor, your application must keep the data secure by retrieving it from users. Data loss could damage your reputation with both current and potential clients and result in significant financial losses.

The collection of user data storage aids in the smooth operation of the mobile app and enhances the performance of several tasks. Any security flaws in the data can cause the company actual damage.

You can request data security and app security services from your app development partner since they will recommend the most relevant best security practices based on the size of the app and the type of user engagement.

7. App updates and maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance are required for mobile apps. Additionally, for a smooth app experience, app developers must offer enough technical support. As the app platform evolves into cutting-edge technologies, businesses must update their app integrations. Even after the application has been launched, these still can add too little cost. Additionally, administrators of app routine maintenance help your app run more smoothly by resolving hidden bugs and other problems.

How does the outsourcing collaboration model affect the app development cost?

The models mentioned below affect the app development cost:

1. Fixed price

In the fixed price model, unless there is a case of force majeure, the company closely adheres to the predetermined budget and the agreed-upon scope of work. The fixed price model provides clients with predictable expectations for potential expenditures.

Although the client is still compelled to pay the predetermined sum even if the scope is reduced during development, it lacks flexibility. The fixed price approach is usually only used by app development companies when the client has approved the design and has given clear requirements. The fixed price approach is not advised for startups because, in the initial stage, app requirements can vary drastically.

2. Time and resources

The time and resources spent are the only things you pay for. This makes this model perfect for startup owners who don’t want to pay fixed fees. While this model supports the fast-changing requirements of a startup, it is a poor estimate of the final spending for app development.

3. Dedicated team

A dedicated development team is assigned by the app development company to work on your app under this model. In comparison to alternative outsourcing methods, you will have more focus and fewer meetings as a result.

However, you will be liable for paying the hired team’s monthly wages. For instance, the app development company charges $45 for a developer. Assuming 160 hours of work per month, a month of service will cost $7,200. You will be responsible for assigning responsibility and coordinating efforts with the team. Even if the team is idle, you are still responsible for paying the monthly salary for the predetermined period. This model is advised for mature startups or outstaff projects.

How to find the best IT outsourcing company?

1. Seek recommendations

Outsourcing mobile applications is a popular and well-established method of collaboration. It is used by lots of new and established businesses. You can ask for recommendations if your business partner has quickly and effectively outsourced application development.

2. Check review platforms

You may spend a lot of hours researching and analysing the website of the IT outsourcing company, but it would be wiser to check out unbiased review sites. It provides you with a more accurate representation of the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Meet with the developer team

Initiate contact with the top IT companies on your list to set up an interview. You have a great chance to learn about their prior work, technical expertise, workplace structure, and methodologies for app development. Additionally, make sure the outsourced application development team is aware of your company objectives and priorities them when streamlining the application. The second priority is to assess the developers’ technical proficiency.

How much does it cost to outsource app development?

Of course, everything is dependent on this. However, take into account that developing mobile apps is not inexpensive. The functionality of mobile apps can be very diverse. There could be a number of production and deployment stages, including testing, depending on how many there are. A team of qualified professionals is needed for app development, which adds to the cost.

Here are a few examples for your better understanding:

  • Simple app development cost – $40,000-120,000
  • Medium-complexity app development cost – $120,000-200,000
  • Complex app development cost – $200,000-300,000+

The prices for mobile app development can vary, but they are quite high. This is why outsourcing mobile app development to offshore countries can be a wise decision.

Should I outsource my app development?

Outsourcing allows you to considerably lower the project’s overall cost if you require a skilled app development team. It can be difficult to choose the best company with a pool of qualified specialists to fulfil your business objectives and goals, but we nevertheless advise you to give it a shot. If you want to reduce the cost of developing a mobile app without sacrificing the quality of the end product, outsourcing to Eastern European nations or Asia (India or the Philippines) will be very helpful.


It is sometimes considered a risk to outsource app development. Although there are thousands of outsourcing companies around the world, not all of them provide genuinely high-quality services. Choosing an outsourcing provider based on the tips we provided will help you work with a top performer and make the most of your partnership.

Also, if you want to outsource your app development, you can get in touch with CloudXperte. We are a professional web and app development company that has won the trust of many customers. We offer comprehensive app development services. Using our developers, you can save money on your outsourced app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. CloudXperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.

he decade’s most popular buzzword is “AI” (artificial intelligence), which you can use before anything to make it sound more upscale and advanced. As a result of its ability to streamline processes and provide individualised insights, artificial intelligence is attracting a lot of attention. The world around you is now directly or indirectly interconnected with AI.

Let us say that you are reading this blog using a device. A virtual assistant that responds to your commands, such as Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, etc., must be accessible on every device, whether it runs on Android, iOS, or Windows. In your opinion, how do you think it is achievable? Technologies like AI and ML hold the key.

Various mobile applications harness the power of AI to provide users with improved services abound on the market. A contemporary method of creating mobile apps that offer more than just a solution is artificial intelligence.

Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence-based mobile applications are now a part of our daily lives, and users rely on them more than ever. We constantly seek out new experiences since the human mind has a shorter attention span. AI assists us in developing original solutions to entertain people. People frequently believe that it must be expensive when taking into account all these insights. Continue reading to learn how much it costs to create an artificial intelligence app.

Statistics on the Artificial Intelligence Market

Several innovative solutions have come to light during the past decade and most of them have employed AI. As a result, it can be claimed that artificial intelligence is helping the software industry expand. The rising use of AI and similar technologies is due to the fact that they lessen the overall effort, time, and cost of developing a mobile app.

The current market projection for the creation of AI-based applications predicts growth at a CAGR of 22.5% from 2020 to 2025. By 2025, the total market is anticipated to be worth 580 million USD.

Because of the exponential growth of apps worldwide, enormous amount of data need to be managed. It is therefore appropriate to claim that big data is propelling the software industry. In addition to data management, these data sets are used to discover more about the users and provide them with products and services that perfectly match their needs. The frequent usage of NLP technologies is the root of all this.

Asset tracking apps are among the types of applications that are or will be popular between 2020 and 2025. Companies all around the world are increasingly more concerned with managing their resources; AI aids in asset tracking and lowers operational costs. Although this industry still has some challenges to resolve, it’s the ideal genre overall.

Since businesses began to understand the full potential of AI-related technologies and the advantages that come with AI, demand for commercial applications of AI has increased.

Factors that determine the cost of overall app development with AI

It does take resources, effort, money, and many other things to turn an idea into reality. Depending on specific factors, every app development process progresses through various stages. Each stage of the development process is interconnected, and this influences the overall cost to vary.

The cost of marketing, advertising, distribution (in some scenarios), and maintenance must be included even after the mobile application has been developed and delivered. Nevertheless, a few mobile app development companies provide free maintenance for a while after delivery. Let us determine what influences the total cost of the development process.

1. Defining the Ideal Business Goal

There are many different company models on exhibit in the current market scenario. Since this stage of the development process contains market research and planning that will have an impact on the app’s future, it must be regarded as the first and most crucial stage. AI applications differ in some ways from traditional applications and their development demands special consideration.

It is crucial to conduct diligent market research to guide the process. In order to lay the foundation for an amazing AI-based app, you will need both time and money to conduct market research. In-house marketing is great, but if you want to hire a marketing firm, it will cost you money. Alternatively, you can purchase a market research report directly on the web, which is genre-based and delivers factual information.

2. Determining the variables

Artificial intelligence-based app development involves a huge number of factors. Your expectations and the potential users will determine how many of these factors you need. These factors include:

  1. Number of features in the app
  2. Types of AI
  3. Platform Selection

1. Number of features in the app

The first thing a user will check is the features of any app they intend to use. The probability of the app being used largely depends on the features’ compatibility with the user’s needs. On the other hand, integrating features requires expensive tech stacks.

Consider the scenario where you wish to create a laundry app for the users. It must provide a list of essential features like login, account, payment, etc. Now, the price will change when we include AI in the app and include a feature that determines the date for the following laundry order based on the user’s preferences or prior purchase history. With every additional feature, the same process will be repeated. Consider one more instance. It will take a lot of extra time and the integration of the Google Maps API to show users the feasibility of location tracking.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that your app should have fewer features; rather, it should have features that fulfil its basic core purpose.

2. Types of Business Application of AI

AI-based apps should be designed with the right application that fits with the app’s business requirements since every industry has its own processes; some sell services, others manufacture products. The following are some examples of AI applications that you might want to integrate into your app.

  • Process Automation: A whole business process is automated by this application, such as assembly lines and application testing.
  • Machine Learning: It learns previous experiences and creates accurate results. It is mostly used in service-related businesses.
  • Voice Recognition: Users’ voices are recognised so that various tasks can be carried out using them. Additionally, it allows the use of voice commands for a number of related tasks.
  • Machine Vision: It is frequently used in the healthcare sector to learn more about image-based automatic inspection and analysis.
  • Chatbots: This is used to either manage the customer’s queries or the whole operation in some cases.

3. Platform Selection

The world gets divided into two camps when it comes to Android and iOS users. Both prefer their platform more than anyone else. In order to build an app, developers must consider these factors when choosing the platform. It is not only the user base that determines the cost of each platform-based development, but also the features, tech stacks, etc. that make them unique. You can also choose the third option, which is to develop a cross-platform app, but it will be a little more expensive than developing a single-platform app.

3. Development Phase

It is best to begin the development phase as soon as you are sure about all the variable factors. However, they can still change during development. Costs are also influenced by the development process being followed by the development partner. Companies deliver accurate results through different development sequences.

4. Application’s Complexity

Developing mobile applications is a unique process, just like everyone has a unique way of thinking; every project is different. If you are truly committed to delivering a unique experience to your users, you want to make the app as enriched as possible, which means investing in tech, time, and money. The app development process is complex and takes a lot of time. Let us take a closer look.

  • Simple Apps: It will take about 350 to 450 hours to finish the AI-based apps with basic features and tech.
  • Moderate Apps: There are some advanced features in these apps and they are tailored to the specific requirements of the clients. It usually takes about 500 to 800 hours to be completed.
  • Complex Apps: The apps offer multi-language support, custom animations, and advanced features. In general, it takes about 800 to 1500 hours to complete.

5. Team Requirements

The specific needs of an app will determine the ideal team size. There are numerous uses and implementations for any artificial intelligence-based mobile application. You need to assemble a team to carry out the process if you want to create a great mobile app. However, you can choose to hire a team in accordance with the project’s requirements. Hiring a team will cost you money.

How much does it cost to create an artificial intelligence app?

App complexity is primarily caused by the app’s functionality and features. A simple AI-based app with just a few features will cost around $20,000 to develop. Additional factors include the need for custom integrations, animations, etc. A complex app with many features can cost up to $60,000.

If you want to create an artificial intelligence app, you can get in touch with CloudXperte. We are a professional web and app development company that has won the trust of many customers. We offer comprehensive app development services. Using our developers, you can save money on AI-based app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. CloudXperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.

Without mobile apps, modern life is difficult to imagine. A common form of entertainment for people today is playing games on their phones. With just a few clicks, many daily tasks can now be done, simplifying our lives.

A lot of programming knowledge is needed to develop a gaming app. The market for mobile apps is very competitive. It is crucial to develop a distinctive and effective app if you want to leave your mark on the industry.

The best way to create an excellent mobile game app is to hire a professional developer. There are two main considerations when hiring a developer: quality and cost. Since hiring a developer will add to the overall cost, it is crucial to weigh all of your options.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile game app?

Let us start by explaining the cost, and then we will talk about everything else in detail. The cost of developing a mobile game can range from $15,000 to $275,000 and is determined by a number of different factors, such as the game’s type, design, plot, testing, and so forth.

Cost of developing a mobile game by game type:

Game TypeEstimate CostTime
Mini-Games$15, 000 to $55,002-5 Months
Mid-Level Mobile Game$60,000 to $140,0003-7 Months
High-Level GameFrom $275,00010+ Months

Factors influencing the cost of developing mobile games

The following are the factors that influence the cost of mobile app development.

  • Mobile game story, plot and character
  • Mobile game design
  • Mobile game categories and genres
  • Mobile game app testing
  • Marketing of your mobile game app

Does mobile app platform affect the cost?

The two platforms that mobile game app development companies most frequently choose are Android and iOS. Windows games and other open-source operating systems are also options though. Your development costs will be greatly influenced by the platform.

For instance, it costs 10–20% more on iOS than on Android to add features like administrative systems and payment integration. If you need it to work with earlier Android versions, however, Android development might be a little more expensive.

Naturally, there will be additional costs if native development is chosen for both platforms. Although you might not even get performance exactly comparable to native, you can choose hybrid development.

2D vs. 3D Games: Will it make a difference?

Of course, 2D games are less expensive than 3D games. Simple 2D games like Red Ball, Sudoko, Flappy Bird, etc. can be created for $5–20,000. However, development costs for a thorough 2D game could rise to $50–100k.

The cost of developing 3D mobile games for Android is higher than that of creating 2D games. Developing a 3D game can cost between $20k and $250k depending on its complexity and type.

How complex is your mobile game?

The overall cost of game development will be significantly influenced by the kind and level of complexity of the game you want to create. Mobile games can generally be divided into the following types:

  • Mini-Games: Temple Run, Subway Surfers, etc.
  • Mid-Level Games: Cut the Rope, Angry Bird, etc.
  • High-Level Games: Clash of Clans, Hay Day, etc.
  • AAA Games: PUBG Mobile, GTA, NFL, etc.
  • Real Money Games: DraftKings, FanDuel, etc.

The cost of developing a game increases with its level. It will also depend on the game’s genre, such as action, arcade, racing, sports, etc.

Make sure to have a larger budget if you want to create a complex game. For instance, popular battle royale games like PUBG, COD Mobile, etc. But these games need a lot of different features, like gyroscopes, voice integration, high frames per second, HDR graphics, etc. The price of developing a mobile game app includes all of these features.

Do single-player and multiplayer game development costs differ from one another?

A multiplayer game is usually classified as an AAA or high-level game. If the game allows players to interact with each other, features such as internet connectivity, voice integration, etc., would be required. Multiplayer mobile game apps will therefore have higher development costs than single-player ones.

Hiring method for a mobile game developer:

It is time to choose how you are going to hire a mobile game developer. You have the following hiring methods to choose from.

1. In-house team:

You may want to hire an in-house team if you want the entire development process to take place under one roof. To create the game and test it before it goes live, you will need to hire developers and quality assurance engineers.


  • You get to manage the project as everything is happening under one roof.

2. Outsourcing:

The project can also be outsourced. Outsourcing mobile game development allows you to choose from a broader pool of talent. Therefore, it is a smart choice to outsource it. Some platforms allow you to find the best developers in the world. In order to deliver the completed project within the time set, the developing companies handle everything related to game development.


  • Remote workers are less expensive than on-site hires because there are no office expenses.
  • The expertise achieved during the development project stays within the company.
  • You get to establish engaged and productive teams and enjoy a long-term relationships.

3. Freelancers:

It is also possible to hire freelancers. You can hire the best game developers you can afford from around the world. Their rates vary greatly, so you can easily find one that suits your budget. When choosing the best hiring method, make sure you are aware of the available development budget for the mobile game.


  • It is cost-effective to hire freelancers
  • The network provides access to skills and knowledge around the world
  • The employer has fewer responsibilities. During the process of delivering a project, a working relationship is either paused or ended.

If you decide on hiring, find the best platform to find the best developers. Some platforms offer access to the best freelancers and companies.

How much does it cost to hire a mobile game developer?

Costs in the gaming sector are calculated in accordance with industry norms. But it also depends on the abilities of each person. If you are wondering how much it costs to hire a game developer, then here is your answer. The solution is available here. In general, an iOS game developer will cost more than an Android game developer. Well, depending on the requirements of the project, the hourly rate for hiring a game app developer generally ranges from $20 to $30. This might change depending on the region and the employment policies.


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Nowadays, real estate apps are a trend that helps businesses sell or rent their properties, while also providing individuals with the ability to search for properties that match their needs. When considering developing a real estate app, one of the first questions that come to mind is ‘how much will it cost?’

You may be aware that features are primarily responsible for making an app appealing, but they also have an impact on its cost. In this article, we attempt to cover nearly all of the essential topics concerning features and cost-affecting reasons.

Read this article till the end to know more about how much it costs to create a real-estate app.

Importance of Real Estate App

Technology advances over time and most sectors have adopted different technological platforms. One of the sectors which have adopted technological platforms is real estate. The real estate sector is competitive; so, every property business person requires an ingenious solution. Assume you are also a property business owner in need of a platform to interact with a wider audience and increase sales. Then developing a real estate mobile app can indeed be immensely beneficial.

All you are required to do is planning, make preparations, release, and expertly focus on promoting the app with the help of real estate mobile app development services based on current trends and your relevant business necessities. You can launch a mobile app on Android, iOS, or web platforms.

What Type of Apps Can You Develop for Real Estate?

It is one of the most important questions a business owner should ask before creating a real estate app. A personalised real-estate app designed to meet specific needs will be most effective. However, you can also consider some other types of mobile real-estate applications out in the market.

1. House for Sale App

These types of apps are also referred to as house hunting apps. House for sale apps offers customers numerous options if trying to locate their ideal property.

By wanting to pursue this approach, you can link up with customers and give them a potent search option that allows them to undertake criteria-based searches, such as price limit, location, specific requirements, and much more.

2. Real-Estate Service Marketplace App

Some of the most preferred options for the app development real estate sector are where end-users cross paths with property owners or vice versa. When using the app, a user can select an estate to buy or list their property for sale so that a buyer can contact them through messaging. By implementing this approach, you could, therefore, earn money as a property aggregator.

3. Real-Estate Agent App

These types of apps are indeed being created to help real estate agents. Agents on the property platform sign up themselves and list their services for potential clients to approach them. Agents can also conduct B2B deals here.

4. Property Rental App

Rather than buying, some people prefer to rent a home for a set period of time. On the other hand, so many people earn money by renting out their property. As a result, a customised real estate rental app will work well enough for them.

How Can You Do Your Real Estate App Monetization?

The goal is clear: you want to make money with the application. As a result, it is essential to understand how to monetize the real estate application. You can consider the following suggestions:

1. Featured Listing

The paid feature listing service can display a property seller profile and list at the top, among others. Once a property seller posts their ad, it will appear on the top until the time period for which they have paid the plan.

2. Third-Party Advertisement

Going to allow third-party advertisers to showcase their ads is yet another strategy for monetizing the real-estate app. To enact it, you can also provide a premium membership action plan or paid advertisements.

3. Commission-Based App

It is the most classical way to profit from a sale or purchase, with an aggregator getting paid after the transaction is completed. The app will pay the commission directly.

4. Subscription

You can provide a wide range of plans by implementing this model, which includes free versions, monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans. The user can select the appropriate plan according to his preference.

What Features Should Your Real Estate App Have?

There are several features which are must-haves in a real estate app. Some of the features are listed below:

1. Login and Sign-up

Using a mobile application will allow you to create individual accounts for each of your customers. All they have to do is sign up using their social media account or through email verification process.

Following that, customers need to provide all of their personal information, such as their email address, phone number, and so forth.

It will make it much simpler for them to move forward with the connectivity. You must ensure that dealers and customers are aided through different interfaces. As a result, users can also be confident that the application is secure and suitable to be used!

2. Lists

This feature is essential in a real estate application. Yes, you could even notify the real estate app development company about that kind of feature, so that they can resolve it likewise.

They will have the list created in such a manner that users can understand the various services based on their spending limit. They can choose the services they want and fill out the necessary information to proceed with convenience.

3. Images

Your users will undoubtedly recognize the various properties very well if there are images of them.

According to a lot of iPhone and Android app development companies, majority of users and customers are most interested in pictorial imagery of the properties they are dealing with. They can quickly view the videos and images by simply clicking on the given properties.

4. Map and Location

Among the most crucial requirements for the application is that the user has access to map and location information. This makes it easier for their dealers to direct clients to the accurate location of the property.

In addition to everything else, the possibility of the customer visiting the location and inspecting the property will increase the likelihood of a successful deal. Therefore, you should work with a mobile app developer who can implement this option and increase your Return on investment.

5. Favorite Markers

Users frequently miss trying to look for the same property again when searching for real estate properties in an application. A property needs to have a user’s favourite section to prevent such scenarios. This prevents them from losing their chosen preferred properties in one section.

6. Search Attribute

Those looking for specific properties will prefer to go directly to that section, which can be accomplished using a search feature, which will enable them to locate and access the property directly.

According to their location, type, budget, and several other criteria, they can filter their search requirements. With this feature, your customers will get the best and most high-quality service possible.

7. Chatbot

The most latest apps include chatbots. In regards to user engagement, your property app will benefit greatly from it. Additionally, it will enable you to save money on customer service. You can also consider hiring Chatbot developers if you want a particular Chatbot.

8. AR/VR 

Almost every modern app features augmented reality. It is such a great idea to implement in the real-estate app. The customer can walk through the property digitally without having to visit.

The Cost of developing a real estate app

Real estate apps typically cost between $10,000 and $30,000 to develop with basic features, and if you demand an advanced app, it could cost as much as $45,000 or more. However, the following points also have an impact on the price of developing a real estate application.

1. UI-UX Design

Hire professional mobile app developers to help you with high-end services since user experience and user design are very important aspects of real estate applications.

2. Backend Development

The pursuit of backend development is unabated. To organise your content management system and greatly assist users per their needs, you will have to pay a service charge.

3. Number of Developers

The total number of developers affects the price of mobile app development. Costs will increase as more developers are working on the project.

4. Involvement of Features

The basic app persists to be more affordable than those with more advanced features. Therefore, it will cost higher than the basic version if you desire to add more features.

5. Platform Orientation

Likewise, determining how much it will cost to develop a real estate app is a platform perspective. For instance, the price of developing an iOS mobile app differs from that of an Android app. The cost of creating iPhone apps is still higher than that of creating Android apps.

6. App Submission and Launching

There is a fee for submitting an app to each app store. The fee for the Google Play Store is $25, and the fee for the Apple App Store is $95, both of which will be included in the total cost of your app development.

7. App Marketing

The cost is also impacted by app marketing. It will be worthwhile though. It functions similarly to how a successful marketing plan will draw users’ attention and raise the possibility of more onboarding.


After COVID-19, the real estate sector is once again on the rise. Real estate is one of the conventional businesses that have moved to online platforms. If you are preparing to release your app, this article will assist you in choosing its features and provide you with an idea of how much it will cost to create a real estate mobile app.

Hiring a real estate developer and getting your application released on the mobile platform will be wise if you want a splendid app that will engage with customers and promote company growth. Introducing a cross-platform mobile app can also be a good option if you intend to approach more users.

Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into How Much Does it Cost to Create a Real Estate App. At Cloudxperte, we offer exceptional development services that will help take your ideas to the next level. Using our developers, you can save money on app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. Cloudxperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.

There appears to be a high advancement and growth in the Mobile Application domain. Majority of large sectors have begun to implement mobile apps in their business. In response, the health sector has also pursued the application fad.

According to the most recent healthcare research reports, mobile platforms have improved the conventional method of communication between doctors and patients. Healthcare is a year-round and busy industry, which is why healthcare care and services have grown significantly.

This article is written for healthcare business owners to increase their understanding of how recent advancements in mobile app technology can help them stay on top in a highly competitive environment. We used Practo as an example of a popular healthcare app and provided detailed information including its features and development costs. Is it a good idea to develop an on-demand healthcare app like Practo and boost attention and profits?

About Practo app

Practo is one of the leading online healthcare apps in India, offering the best services for finding the right doctor, scheduling instant appointments, scheduling diagnostic tests, purchasing medicines online and having them delivered to your door. It is an all-in-one health care app that provides excellent service, founded by two young men, Mr Shashank and Mr Abhinav Lal, with the goal of making people’s lives healthier and longer.

Factors that impact the cost of developing an app like Practo:

Several factors that affect the cost of developing a mobile healthcare app like Practo are mentioned below:

1. Platform of app

A Practo-like health care app can be developed on a wide range of platforms, and there is a significant difference in the cost of developing such an application.

The cost of developing a health care app like Practo for Android is higher than that for iOS because Android emulators are slower than iOS emulators and there are more devices to test against. As a result, additional code lines are required.

2. Design of the app

A pleasant Practo-like app design will cost more money. The ultimate goal of any effective app design is to keep users embroiled by providing an excellent user interface and experience. It is challenging to keep users interested in the absence of good design.

3. Dimensions of the app

Health apps often feature databases of doctors and patients, articles, frequently asked questions and doctor recommendations, which make up their size.

4. The amount of time required

Because the application is so complex, finishing it with all of the features could take months or even a year. As time passes, more resources are used, raising the cost.

Apps like Practo save time, provide information, and reduce the likelihood of going to visit hospitals and medical facilities at inopportune moments. Also, now you are aware of the factors that make a significant contribution to the cost of developing a health care app like Practo.

The most important features to consider while developing an app like Practo

To develop an app similar to Practo, you must first become familiar with the features and USPs that facilitate user acquisition. The cost to develop an app similar to Practo also plays a role. Let us examine each of them individually:

1. Quick and simple app setup

The portal should make it easy for users to register in the app. They can use their email address, phone number, or social media platform (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat). You can simply fill out the form and the app should instantly log you in.

2. A convenient method for choosing a doctor

In India, Singapore, the Philippines, the US, and Malaysia, Practo has a substantial database of verified doctors. Depending on the doctor’s availability, patients can choose a doctor and set up an appointment. The user can also pick and choose a doctor based on their geographical location in order to ensure that physical meetings are conceivable.

3. Examining your medical records

Once they have finished the form, the patient’s information ought to be saved on the app’s backend. The perfect appointment scheduling app should store patient appointments, reports, information about their most recent visit, information about upcoming visits, and prescriptions. The addition of medical reports as a premium feature is entirely feasible.

4. Opinion of doctors

On In Practo, there are thousands of doctors from Asia and the United States. The user can quickly access their information with a straightforward search. You can find information about a doctor’s experience, training, consultation costs, contact details, and reviews from previous clients/users here. You will need to have a database and storage system that shares useful information if you want to compete with Practo.

5. Consultation via the internet

In the best online doctor consultation app, patients should be able to speak directly with a doctor through the use of online chat, video, or audio calls. It simplifies the procedure for physical visits, which is a big factor for individuals. There are several potential additions, including chatbots, video calls, and conferencing.

6. Convenient Reservations

Apps are used to comfort users. Appointment scheduling should be made simple by the app’s AI systems. This feature should work with both patient and doctor panels to shift appointments.

7. News and Features on Health

It is a feature that increases the popularity of the app. Practo not only manages doctors and appointments, but also shares information. These health articles help users monitor their health for self-care and wellbeing.

8. Calendar of Appointments

Make an app that enables users to book appointments in accordance with their availability. Show them time and date-specific booking calendars. You can have a stress-free counselling session and prevent double bookings with the aid of these calendars.

9. Notifications via Push

People prefer using apps that frequently remind them of their medical appointments. Users are much more likely to be pleased if they receive special offers, appointment reminders, and the most up-to-date recent medical news.

10. Quick and Easy Payments

Provide a payment gateway so that clients can pay a doctor or medical facility directly. Include wallets and cards as payment options when making appointments. This results in a satisfying user experience.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo?

Usually, the cost of developing any given application varies based on a number of factors, including the features you want, the platform you select, the complexity of the application, and much more. However, depending on its complexity, creating an app similar to Practo can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000.


The health care is one of the major industries that is growing quickly. To offer prompt service, innovative solutions are needed. A mobile app is the ideal way to accomplish this.

Practo is one of the most popular and feature-focused apps, so it is advisable to thoroughly examine your requirements before selecting the ideal model or approach for app development. It is advised to work with a reputable Web & Mobile App Development Agency with experience in creating healthcare apps, like Practo.

Speaking of app development companies, you can get in touch with Cloudxperte for your app development. At Cloudxperte, we offer exceptional development services that will help take your ideas to the next level. Using our developers, you can save money on app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. Cloudxperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.

The need for automobile mobile app development

Over the past few years, apps have almost completely assimilated into our daily lives. There are now mobile apps for everything. Even the automobile industry is not invulnerable to its effects, and mobile app development in this sector is significantly increasing. Within the automobile industry, it is progressively becoming the norm. 

For instance, it has surpassed the basic temperature control system in our vehicles, whether it is about controlling the temperature before you enter the car, smart temperature control, etc. The development of automobile apps has increased over time, making the automobile industry one of the largest sectors influenced by smartphone technology.

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It seems like automobile manufacturers are concentrating on incorporating automated systems as well as other technologies to create intelligent transportation systems, which users may find intriguing.

It is understandable that you are looking for a mobile app for the automobile sector, but have you considered its advantages? Here are a few of them that you can also obtain with a mobile app development company’s assistance.

  1. Improved Efficiency: Globally, people are moving towards adopting smart technologies, which range from smartphones to smart homes. The automotive sector is starting to focus on smart automobile application development solutions because of the evolving requirements of potential users. It has many advantages, along with an excellent user experience and improved operational effectiveness. The production process, stock control, and marketing strategies are supported by these solutions.

  1. Vehicle Monitoring: Monitoring is required for the safety of vehicle’s as well as the passengers. The performance of the vehicle and the condition of any auto parts that require replacement or are currently in good condition are both provided in real-time if a vehicle is connected to a smartphone. It directly reduces the expense of vehicle maintenance.

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  2. Exceptional User Experiences: The easiness with which users can use automobile smartphone applications makes them a very appealing option. Mobile applications work efficiently in the automobile sector. Such apps allow users to schedule vehicle maintenance and servicing, real-time map connectivity, fuel efficiency, engine temperature monitoring, and other services. You can take advantage of this fad as a business owner.

  3. Vehicle Care: Automobile apps are most effective for routine maintenance. You can develop an automobile app as a business owner that directs users to perform tasks like vehicle diagnosis, alerts about routine maintenance, requests for emergency assistance, and other functions. The majority of these apps are already available on the market, having been released by well-known companies, such as BMW, Mercedes, and others.

  4. Driver’s Safety: Automobile applications are effective in terms of the safety of the driver. Most modern apps offer real-time traffic updates, information on the state of the roads, the shortest routes, and other services. That aids the drivers in reaching their destinations safely.

  5. Emergency Response: The emergency response was previously very difficult to access, but it is now done so via an app. The SOS option is now available in many popular automotive-related apps, and it is simple to contact assistance with just one click.

You can take into account all these advantages if you are looking to develop an automobile app so that you can offer your users the best service. The best way to do this is to work with mobile app developers who have extensive knowledge of creating apps for the automobile sector.

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Some current trends you should pay attention to when developing an automobile app

Here are some of the most recent trends so that you can build your app with the best user experience in mind. Trying to make use of these modern trends has an impact on how much it costs to develop mobile apps for the automobile sector. But every penny spent on making a great automobile app is worth the expense.

1. Advanced Connectivity: This is one of the areas in which majority of automobile manufacturers are concentrating at the moment. It alludes to WiFi connectivity, wireless musical equipment, and app-based vehicle connectivity. You must be compatible with the app in order to enjoy it, so keep that in mind when developing it.

Additionally, you must focus on security as cybercriminals continue to target these apps. They can operate the vehicle appropriately if there is a glitch. Developing and delivering a secure app can be difficult for developers of automobile mobile apps.

2. Autonomous Driving: One of the hostess trends in the automobile sector is autonomous driving. The most well-known example of it is electric vehicles like Tesla. Despite the fact that some people are showing interest in this idea, not everyone has access to it as of yet. If you intend to release your app, you can include autonomous parking, driving assistance, and other aspects of autonomous driving.

3. App Compatible with Telematics: A telematics device is an electronic gadget that transmits, gathers, and organises data. It keeps track of details like driving style, vehicle speed, braking pattern, and distance travelled between two points. Insurance companies usually employ these devices since they lower insurance premium costs. In this case, you must create an app that is compatible with telematics devices.

4. IoT Enabled Vehicle: IoT and connected vehicle technology are closely related. Sensors are used to facilitate data exchange. It is able to detect the vehicle’s speed, engine performance, and other body movements. IoT apps are the way of the future, and the auto industry has a lot of room for them. The cost of developing an automobile app will boost with IoT, but the outcomes will be exceptional.

5. Internet Connectivity: Nowadays, the majority of ultra-modern vehicles have internet connectivity. Accessing clouds for navigation or locating an optimised route that can assist in getting to the destination in the meantime is made easier.

You should take into account the previously mentioned key trends when creating the app for your automobile sector. The best course of action would be to seek the assistance of a highly experienced mobile app development company.

How much will it cost to develop an automobile app?

There are a few limitations in automotive app development that heavily depend on how customers and businesses use the platform. The platform chosen, the features included, the app’s UX/UI, and testing all influence the development cost. Each of these features has a separate development expense.

An automobile app requires roughly 800 to 1000 operational hours to develop on an average. Costs increase due to a variety of features and embedded technologies, such as the IoT (Internet of Things). Mobile app development typically costs $20 to $100 per hour; therefore, the total development cost for an automobile app with basic features will be in the range of $25,000 and $40,000. The price of developing a mobile app for the automobile industry will increase if you require an advanced version.

Factors that influence the cost of developing automobile apps

Automotive mobile apps are fantastic mobile applications that offer business owners and users several benefits. The cost of a mobile automotive application can be affected by a variety of factors.

  1. Types of App: One of the main aspects influencing the price of developing mobile apps is the type of mobile apps. The features and functionalities of these apps continue to be unique from one another. These apps could be ones for eCommerce, car maintenance, maps and navigation, or anything else.

    What type of app do you need? You should allocate the capital appropriately. For example, if you require an app with cutting-edge features, like AR/VR, IoT, or API integration, the price of an automobile app will be higher.

  2. Platform: A mobile app’s cost depends on the platform you choose. Apps for iOS or iPhone, for example, continue to cost more than Android apps.

  3. App Complexity: The complexity of an automobile app also has a big impact on how much it costs. Apps are categorised into three levels: basic, moderate, and complex. More features and functions equate to greater complexity. As a result, the cost rises along with the complexity.

  4. UX/UI Components: When it comes to giving users something appealing, UX/UI components and designing get more crucial. The best design leads to the most satisfying user experience, but it costs a little more money to implement.

  5. Team of Mobile App Developers: The team of mobile app developers has an impact on the price of automobile app development because the cost of their hiring is included in the overall cost of app development. The price will increase if more professionals are involved.

    You can think of it as the complexity of the app, and since the team of app developers is proportional to each other, the cost applies to both of them. It involves members of the team like project managers, business analysts, UX/UI designers, developers, and others.

  6. Third-Party Integration: The majority of current apps include built-in third-party APIs. The API integration makes apps more functional. Pre-built software like payment gateways, SMS APIs, push notifications, and other features can be incorporated into the app as needed. It raises the total cost of developing mobile apps for automobiles.

  7. Backend Infrastructure: A strong backend infrastructure is necessary for an app to be robust. It consists of a database, application monitoring, app maintenance, networking, sensor data collection, and more.

  8. Tech Stack: Developing the app tech stack, including app development expertise, is essential. It consists of the framework, a database, a frontend development tool, a backend development tool, and other things. The price of a tech stack has an impact on how much it costs to develop an automobile app.

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One of the major industries that are expanding quickly is the automobile sector. Innovative solutions are required by vehicle owners, and manufacturers must put them into practice. A mobile app is a perfect tool for this goal. The perfect way to best serve your customers is to launch an automobile app if you run an automotive business.

This article will assist you in determining the approximate cost of developing a mobile app for the automotive industry so that you can speak with an app development company about your upcoming project.

Speaking of app development companies, you can get in touch with Cloudxperte for your automobile app development. At Cloudxperte, we offer exceptional development services that will help take your ideas to the next level. Using our developers, you can save money on app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. Cloudxperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.