Manual document management is a very hard task. Despite the efforts, risks of inaccuracy and gaps in the process are inevitable. Ever Documents – our document management software is the result of our days of brainstorming and putting in our years of experience and skills into action to create the perfect solution to curb the risks of document management.

Industries can use Ever Documents to easily organize, secure, digitize and complete document management-related tasks. It also reduces the time taken for manual document management, thus allowing organisations to save time, money, and effort and focus on what is important.

Ever Documents help organizations handle and manage their documents efficiently. It uses centralized cloud storage to store the documents where users with permissions can access it. Apart from the perks of document management, we have also implemented traceability feature (print history) to know who all have a copy of a document – something which is impossible to trace in manual document management.

Ever Documents is a combination of seamless functionalities and latest trending technologies that help organizations achieve the end-to-end document management process needs and help them enhance document control and data security.


Digitize your documents and improve efficiency and productivity.

Create, organize and track documents

Create digital versions of documents, manage them and keep track of the documents through Ever Documents.

Tailor-made workflow

Automated document management workflow based on document type

Save paper

Digitized documentation helps reduce paper usage.


Digital signatures can be saved and used for different documents.

Generate reports

Download or view reports of documentation and print history.

Save costs

Automation helps reduce labour costs and digitization helps reduce expenses, like paper.

Data security

Ensure data security through permission and access control.

Easy and quick implementation

Ever Documents software can be implemented easily and quickly.

Easy to use

Automation helps reduce labour costs and digitization helps reduce expenses, like paper.

Ever Documents Features

Role-based access control

Set permissions for access based on user roles. Users in a particular position will only have access to the files relevant to them. This helps in the efficient management of documents within the organization with very less errors and in the easy processing of permission requests.

Automated workflows

Configure workflows so that the software identifies the document type and decides on the suitable workflow. The workflow features include primary workflows, conditional workflows based on department, type, etc., actively change reviewers, select silent reviewers and record input and feedback.

Digital Signatures

Save time using digital signatures to sign documents. The saved signatures can be used to sign multiple pages with the click of a button. Digital signature feature includes secondary authentication.


Access and trace each document within the organization based on user role permissions. Also track printed documents by viewing the print history feature.

Save time and money

Cut down time taken for managing documents and reduce costs spent on resources like paper. No more spending hours looking for a document and eco-friendly way of working.