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What is the price of developing a fitness application? It is definitely one of the first questions you will ask while trying to figure out how to start an online fitness business.

It is useless to look into the average cost of developing an app because there are numerous factors that affect the overall cost while developing a fitness app.

If we tried to enter a specific figure, we would just be guessing. It is probably between $50 and $100K for the MVP and between $100 and $500K for a perfectly functioning solution. Therefore, let us try to figure out whether your fitness app falls into the $50–100K or $100–500K category rather than giving you a rough app development cost estimate that has little to do with reality.

This article aims to provide you with a few benchmarks for different aspects. You can use them to achieve your own goals and context. You will understand the factors that affect app development costs by the end of this article. Additionally, you will discover how to set up your own budget for the development of fitness apps. The same standards will be followed when creating workout apps, activity tracking apps, and other kinds of health and fitness apps. Let us get into it in a detailed manner.

What influences the cost of developing fitness apps?

You can find some basic cost breakdowns for developing apps in this part along with the main factors you should be aware of when you start estimating the cost of developing fitness applications. Which one is the most important? Sadly, there is no clear answer to the query of what makes a good fitness app. It is up to you to make the choice. Find the middle ground between your targeted focus and the total cost.

1. Reliability

How much time and money are dedicated to assuring the reliability of your fitness app will be greatly influenced by the desired performance. You have to be mindful that the complexity of the code escalates if you want everything to be absolutely watertight. This is due to the fact that you must examine every flow and line of code in the app to ensure that it is constantly operating as intended. This costs money and consumes the time of developers.

2. App’s Availability

You must choose the platforms to release your customized fitness app. Choose the platform to start with after looking up other app users’ whereabouts. Each has a separate cost factor to take into account. Because each platform needs a different codebase and has specific requirements, releasing it on several platforms will also substantially increase the cost.

3. App Performance

Fitness app users expect them to function well and without errors. However, the cost will increase in direct proportion to how effectively you want the app to function. It takes additional resources to identify any potential issues and fix the problem to enhance in-app performance.

4. App Complexity

Developing a design that stands out is more expensive than using an off-the-shelf template because it requires the development team to devote time and resources to a wide range of design details. In contrast to an application that uses user data to support the fitness goals of its users, a straightforward fitness app will be less expensive.

Top factors that influence the cost of your fitness app development

We must consider various details in order to know, “How much does it cost to create a fitness app”

Integrations with other tools

The complexity of the project rises when a fitness app is integrated with multiple servers, web services, payment options, external data sources, or even just basic social media integration. Your maintenance and development costs for your fitness app will follow. There are some other concerns it might raise as well. For instance, when the services you want to integrate with might not have a suitable API available.

What should a fitness app have in terms of features?

You must be very specific about the range of features you want to include when estimating the cost of developing an app. It will significantly affect how much developer time is needed. Consider all the filters, search engines, push notifications, training recommendations, user account logins, payments, etc. Basic features can take weeks to complete while others may only take just several hours. The cost will also be affected if the features call for specific expertise from highly experienced app developers.

Would you also like to add some AI-powered features? You can gain a competitive edge by using recommender systems that advise user-based learning or attrition prediction models. However, you must keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence development services are expensive (costing anywhere from $10.000 to $25.000 just to launch with a Proof of Concept) and necessitate a sufficient amount of data beforehand.

Consider whether you could use third-party providers to accomplish some of the needed functionalities while coming up with fitness app features. For instance, rather than making it yourself, you can combine it with a customer feedback platform if you wish to gather input from your consumers. This can significantly cut down upfront costs. However, keep in mind that you will eventually have to pay subscription fees for these services. Therefore, you must consider those options.

Types of fitness apps: web-based, mobile-based or both?

You have a variety of alternatives when deciding what kind of app you want to create and each have a different cost implication. A web-based app – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), or native mobile apps (Android and iOS apps) are typically your options.

You should consider your target market’s area and the most efficient ways to reach them before making this choice. You could make some savings by only creating an iOS app if your target audience uses iPhones. Conversely, if they use other phones, you might decide to design an Android app instead of an iOS app.

However, choosing a Progressive Web App is generally a better alternative if your audience is diverse and you need to be cross-platform. Your costs will be far more manageable in this case than they would be if you were to create individual fitness apps for each platform. You will receive a single structure that can be used on all platforms, including the web and mobile, which is a tremendous point of leverage for cash flow.

Design Complexity: Price Range

You must take design complexity into account while developing a fitness app. You may significantly cut costs here if you are okay with your app’s user interface simply employing an existing design template. However, you’ll need to invest money in product design services to make this a reality if you want something truly distinctive with a creative flair that helps to distinguish your business.

How interactive you want the app to be and what kinds of animations you might want to incorporate depend on another factor. The cost of the overall design will be impacted by each of these. Your app budget will increase in direct proportion to the more complex it is.

Team and Required Roles

You need to select whether you are going to make a fitness app in-house or hire an App development company to do it for you. This will also affect the cost of app development as each one has its own pros and cons.

1. In-House Development Team:

In the long run, hiring an internal development team tends to be more expensive and risky because it is difficult to find skilled IT specialists. Hiring just one app developer can cost you over $30k and take over 42 days. There is always the possibility that you do not evaluate your hires correctly and they do not really have what they need. That can happen if you are not a techie.

Additionally, keep in mind that developing an app involves more than just coding. It also involves efficient and repeatable processes that support your team in producing a quality final product. Additionally, it is crucial to comprehend your target audience in order to create a product that will both fulfil and exceed their demands. The code you require is merely a tool that will assist your company in providing people with the services they need.

Furthermore, each hire creates a monthly salary cost that is not necessarily based on the project outcomes, so there are inefficiencies that can occur. Lastly, you have to spend a lot of time and energy motivating your team through various perks and benefits that ensure that you can retain them – especially in a very competitive industry. In the event of just one developer’s loss at a crucial point, the project could be halted completely.

2. Outsource Fitness App Development to an app development company:

When you work with an experienced technology partner, you get the benefits of a proven, repeatable development process, as well as the right skills and experience. Because of this, these projects are generally of lower risk and more cost-effective in the long run. You also gain a better understanding of project costs and roles.

The fact is that while development teams and scrum masters are unavoidable in any project, it is also a good idea to invest in quality assurance (QA) professionals so that everything runs smoothly. The design of an app might also require you to hire a UI/UX designer. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with requirements engineering and backlog management, we recommend working with a tech partner that also provides a PO proxy.

How much does it cost to create a fitness app?

What does it cost to create a fitness app and Do you mean calculating the cost or developing the app? Consequently, it is obvious that the cost of developing a fitness app depends on a variety of factors, including its feature, design, back-end infrastructure, and much more. For the simplest MVP, it may just cost $50, 000; however, a fully functional product might cost you a lot more.

It’s always worthwhile speaking with certain companies that provide fitness app development solutions if you have no prior expertise in developing these types of applications or assessing the development cost. While they won’t be able to provide you with a specific quote during the initial conversation, they will undoubtedly be able to provide you with an approximate estimate after carefully reviewing your needs and your ambitions. They will also aid you in choosing tech solutions, roles, features, and the like because they have a lot of experience assisting businesses.

It may turn out that you do not need to create your fitness app’s features and integrations right away, even if you have an idea of how they should function and appear. Instead, a competent web application development company should assist you in setting priorities. They may help you design the scope for the MVP and then plan the new features for later development by comprehending your business goals. You can achieve your business objectives thanks to all of this.

Where to find a reliable app development company?

Finding a professional and reliable app development company can be a hectic and tiring process. You will need to go through extensive and deep market research to shortlist the best service provider. Also, you will need to make sure that the app development company fulfils your requirements and understand your business objective to make your fitness app the way you desire before hiring one.

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