There appears to be a high advancement and growth in the Mobile Application domain. Majority of large sectors have begun to implement mobile apps in their business. In response, the health sector has also pursued the application fad.

According to the most recent healthcare research reports, mobile platforms have improved the conventional method of communication between doctors and patients. Healthcare is a year-round and busy industry, which is why healthcare care and services have grown significantly.

This article is written for healthcare business owners to increase their understanding of how recent advancements in mobile app technology can help them stay on top in a highly competitive environment. We used Practo as an example of a popular healthcare app and provided detailed information including its features and development costs. Is it a good idea to develop an on-demand healthcare app like Practo and boost attention and profits?

About Practo app

Practo is one of the leading online healthcare apps in India, offering the best services for finding the right doctor, scheduling instant appointments, scheduling diagnostic tests, purchasing medicines online and having them delivered to your door. It is an all-in-one health care app that provides excellent service, founded by two young men, Mr Shashank and Mr Abhinav Lal, with the goal of making people’s lives healthier and longer.

Factors that impact the cost of developing an app like Practo:

Several factors that affect the cost of developing a mobile healthcare app like Practo are mentioned below:

1. Platform of app

A Practo-like health care app can be developed on a wide range of platforms, and there is a significant difference in the cost of developing such an application.

The cost of developing a health care app like Practo for Android is higher than that for iOS because Android emulators are slower than iOS emulators and there are more devices to test against. As a result, additional code lines are required.

2. Design of the app

A pleasant Practo-like app design will cost more money. The ultimate goal of any effective app design is to keep users embroiled by providing an excellent user interface and experience. It is challenging to keep users interested in the absence of good design.

3. Dimensions of the app

Health apps often feature databases of doctors and patients, articles, frequently asked questions and doctor recommendations, which make up their size.

4. The amount of time required

Because the application is so complex, finishing it with all of the features could take months or even a year. As time passes, more resources are used, raising the cost.

Apps like Practo save time, provide information, and reduce the likelihood of going to visit hospitals and medical facilities at inopportune moments. Also, now you are aware of the factors that make a significant contribution to the cost of developing a health care app like Practo.

The most important features to consider while developing an app like Practo

To develop an app similar to Practo, you must first become familiar with the features and USPs that facilitate user acquisition. The cost to develop an app similar to Practo also plays a role. Let us examine each of them individually:

1. Quick and simple app setup

The portal should make it easy for users to register in the app. They can use their email address, phone number, or social media platform (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat). You can simply fill out the form and the app should instantly log you in.

2. A convenient method for choosing a doctor

In India, Singapore, the Philippines, the US, and Malaysia, Practo has a substantial database of verified doctors. Depending on the doctor’s availability, patients can choose a doctor and set up an appointment. The user can also pick and choose a doctor based on their geographical location in order to ensure that physical meetings are conceivable.

3. Examining your medical records

Once they have finished the form, the patient’s information ought to be saved on the app’s backend. The perfect appointment scheduling app should store patient appointments, reports, information about their most recent visit, information about upcoming visits, and prescriptions. The addition of medical reports as a premium feature is entirely feasible.

4. Opinion of doctors

On In Practo, there are thousands of doctors from Asia and the United States. The user can quickly access their information with a straightforward search. You can find information about a doctor’s experience, training, consultation costs, contact details, and reviews from previous clients/users here. You will need to have a database and storage system that shares useful information if you want to compete with Practo.

5. Consultation via the internet

In the best online doctor consultation app, patients should be able to speak directly with a doctor through the use of online chat, video, or audio calls. It simplifies the procedure for physical visits, which is a big factor for individuals. There are several potential additions, including chatbots, video calls, and conferencing.

6. Convenient Reservations

Apps are used to comfort users. Appointment scheduling should be made simple by the app’s AI systems. This feature should work with both patient and doctor panels to shift appointments.

7. News and Features on Health

It is a feature that increases the popularity of the app. Practo not only manages doctors and appointments, but also shares information. These health articles help users monitor their health for self-care and wellbeing.

8. Calendar of Appointments

Make an app that enables users to book appointments in accordance with their availability. Show them time and date-specific booking calendars. You can have a stress-free counselling session and prevent double bookings with the aid of these calendars.

9. Notifications via Push

People prefer using apps that frequently remind them of their medical appointments. Users are much more likely to be pleased if they receive special offers, appointment reminders, and the most up-to-date recent medical news.

10. Quick and Easy Payments

Provide a payment gateway so that clients can pay a doctor or medical facility directly. Include wallets and cards as payment options when making appointments. This results in a satisfying user experience.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo?

Usually, the cost of developing any given application varies based on a number of factors, including the features you want, the platform you select, the complexity of the application, and much more. However, depending on its complexity, creating an app similar to Practo can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000.


The health care is one of the major industries that is growing quickly. To offer prompt service, innovative solutions are needed. A mobile app is the ideal way to accomplish this.

Practo is one of the most popular and feature-focused apps, so it is advisable to thoroughly examine your requirements before selecting the ideal model or approach for app development. It is advised to work with a reputable Web & Mobile App Development Agency with experience in creating healthcare apps, like Practo.

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