Without mobile apps, modern life is difficult to imagine. A common form of entertainment for people today is playing games on their phones. With just a few clicks, many daily tasks can now be done, simplifying our lives.

A lot of programming knowledge is needed to develop a gaming app. The market for mobile apps is very competitive. It is crucial to develop a distinctive and effective app if you want to leave your mark on the industry.

The best way to create an excellent mobile game app is to hire a professional developer. There are two main considerations when hiring a developer: quality and cost. Since hiring a developer will add to the overall cost, it is crucial to weigh all of your options.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile game app?

Let us start by explaining the cost, and then we will talk about everything else in detail. The cost of developing a mobile game can range from $15,000 to $275,000 and is determined by a number of different factors, such as the game’s type, design, plot, testing, and so forth.

Cost of developing a mobile game by game type:

Game TypeEstimate CostTime
Mini-Games$15, 000 to $55,002-5 Months
Mid-Level Mobile Game$60,000 to $140,0003-7 Months
High-Level GameFrom $275,00010+ Months

Factors influencing the cost of developing mobile games

The following are the factors that influence the cost of mobile app development.

  • Mobile game story, plot and character
  • Mobile game design
  • Mobile game categories and genres
  • Mobile game app testing
  • Marketing of your mobile game app

Does mobile app platform affect the cost?

The two platforms that mobile game app development companies most frequently choose are Android and iOS. Windows games and other open-source operating systems are also options though. Your development costs will be greatly influenced by the platform.

For instance, it costs 10–20% more on iOS than on Android to add features like administrative systems and payment integration. If you need it to work with earlier Android versions, however, Android development might be a little more expensive.

Naturally, there will be additional costs if native development is chosen for both platforms. Although you might not even get performance exactly comparable to native, you can choose hybrid development.

2D vs. 3D Games: Will it make a difference?

Of course, 2D games are less expensive than 3D games. Simple 2D games like Red Ball, Sudoko, Flappy Bird, etc. can be created for $5–20,000. However, development costs for a thorough 2D game could rise to $50–100k.

The cost of developing 3D mobile games for Android is higher than that of creating 2D games. Developing a 3D game can cost between $20k and $250k depending on its complexity and type.

How complex is your mobile game?

The overall cost of game development will be significantly influenced by the kind and level of complexity of the game you want to create. Mobile games can generally be divided into the following types:

  • Mini-Games: Temple Run, Subway Surfers, etc.
  • Mid-Level Games: Cut the Rope, Angry Bird, etc.
  • High-Level Games: Clash of Clans, Hay Day, etc.
  • AAA Games: PUBG Mobile, GTA, NFL, etc.
  • Real Money Games: DraftKings, FanDuel, etc.

The cost of developing a game increases with its level. It will also depend on the game’s genre, such as action, arcade, racing, sports, etc.

Make sure to have a larger budget if you want to create a complex game. For instance, popular battle royale games like PUBG, COD Mobile, etc. But these games need a lot of different features, like gyroscopes, voice integration, high frames per second, HDR graphics, etc. The price of developing a mobile game app includes all of these features.

Do single-player and multiplayer game development costs differ from one another?

A multiplayer game is usually classified as an AAA or high-level game. If the game allows players to interact with each other, features such as internet connectivity, voice integration, etc., would be required. Multiplayer mobile game apps will therefore have higher development costs than single-player ones.

Hiring method for a mobile game developer:

It is time to choose how you are going to hire a mobile game developer. You have the following hiring methods to choose from.

1. In-house team:

You may want to hire an in-house team if you want the entire development process to take place under one roof. To create the game and test it before it goes live, you will need to hire developers and quality assurance engineers.


  • You get to manage the project as everything is happening under one roof.

2. Outsourcing:

The project can also be outsourced. Outsourcing mobile game development allows you to choose from a broader pool of talent. Therefore, it is a smart choice to outsource it. Some platforms allow you to find the best developers in the world. In order to deliver the completed project within the time set, the developing companies handle everything related to game development.


  • Remote workers are less expensive than on-site hires because there are no office expenses.
  • The expertise achieved during the development project stays within the company.
  • You get to establish engaged and productive teams and enjoy a long-term relationships.

3. Freelancers:

It is also possible to hire freelancers. You can hire the best game developers you can afford from around the world. Their rates vary greatly, so you can easily find one that suits your budget. When choosing the best hiring method, make sure you are aware of the available development budget for the mobile game.


  • It is cost-effective to hire freelancers
  • The network provides access to skills and knowledge around the world
  • The employer has fewer responsibilities. During the process of delivering a project, a working relationship is either paused or ended.

If you decide on hiring, find the best platform to find the best developers. Some platforms offer access to the best freelancers and companies.

How much does it cost to hire a mobile game developer?

Costs in the gaming sector are calculated in accordance with industry norms. But it also depends on the abilities of each person. If you are wondering how much it costs to hire a game developer, then here is your answer. The solution is available here. In general, an iOS game developer will cost more than an Android game developer. Well, depending on the requirements of the project, the hourly rate for hiring a game app developer generally ranges from $20 to $30. This might change depending on the region and the employment policies.


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