There is no denying the advantages of outsourcing app development. A project can be completed faster and cheaper by using an overseas team. A well-established application development company can offer a pool of professionals, a broad range of experience, and much more.

It is more difficult to determine the amount of time (or effort) it takes to develop each feature of your app. If you understand this principle, you can better calculate the cost of building your app. As a result, outsourcing an experienced app development company makes more sense in the long run, even though it seems counterintuitive at first. The faster it takes to develop a particular feature, the better the quality.

It is best to elevate your project budget as much as you can give your constraints. Realistically, it is advisable to postpone the project if you only have a few hundred dollars to spare until you have adequate available funds to move on with it. A simple mobile app should only cost a few thousand dollars at most, whereas more complex mobile app development can cost upwards of tens of thousands.

In the next segments of this article, we will go into the detail about the cost related to outsourcing the development of mobile applications as well as the advantages of doing so.

Factors influencing the cost of outsourcing app development

The complicated procedure that goes into creating custom applications includes a variety of factors that affect the total cost of developing an app. When project specifications and features are undefined, it can be challenging to estimate app development costs.

Let us look at the list of factors that influence the cost:

  • The complexity of features of the app.
  • Size and experience of the developer team.
  • Outsourcing app development costs from different regions.

1. Development team

App development companies have all the tools and resources they need to make top-notch, innovative applications. The size of the development team and the skill level of the developers are key factors in app development costs.

You can get highly skilled and knowledgeable people in India who can assist you in developing effective, feature-rich apps. You go through a full workflow from the planning phase to the deployment phase with the help of our dedicated team of specialists:

  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designers
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Project Manager

For instance, developing a simple app takes less time and just needs a small development team to finish a project and launch it. In comparison, an app with more integrations and complicated features needs a skilled team and more time to finish the development process and test it thoroughly before launching the app.

In addition, one should adhere to a detailed and accurate MVP (minimum viable product) structure to develop a profitable application. You will need a suitable procedure and the appropriate resources for the application to be more successful. Additionally, the engagement model you select for your company’s needs may have an impact on the cost of outsourcing.

2. Features and app complexity

An application’s complexity and development time are factors that can make it more difficult to spin around specific features. A custom app development company can make it simpler to select the appropriate hiring model and provide the best app development services. Using an outsourcing app development company allows you to access experts and technical resources from all over the world.

3. UI/UX Designers

The importance of app design does not require an explanation. A successful app is one with an appealing design that attracts more users. Users can abandon the application due to a less user-friendly and ineffective UI. Users are trying to exit the app more frequently because of long loading times and too many advertisements.

Therefore, skilled UI/UX designers that comprehend the necessity and provide appealing and pertinent app designs are necessary for effective app development. Experienced app designers are needed who can help you with the best app design in order to produce wireframes and demonstrate the structure of the application. Annually, the cost of a designer is approximately $10,499 in India and $85,499 in the US.

4. Backend infrastructure of mobile app development

The server on which the software is running makes up the backend infrastructure. It will make it easier for the app to interact with data sources and give you a variety of options for giving your mobile app the required backend infrastructure.

  • Data storage.
  • Data sharing.
  • Analytics for data.
  • Storing and updating content on the app.
  • Reuse the maintained centralized space for business apps.

5. Android/iOS Developers

The entire app development is the responsibility of developers. Technology experts and developers with a proactive approach to problem-solving will assess the project stack and provide faultless app development.

Software developers are passionate about technology and develop exceptional apps; as a result, they have an impact on the overall cost of outsourcing mobile app development.

Indian companies that create iOS apps charge $25 per hour, whereas those that work with Android are required to pay $35. Therefore, depending on their company requirements and budget limitations, companies have a variety of options when choosing an app development partner.

6. Mobile app development security requirements

Since app security is the most important factor, your application must keep the data secure by retrieving it from users. Data loss could damage your reputation with both current and potential clients and result in significant financial losses.

The collection of user data storage aids in the smooth operation of the mobile app and enhances the performance of several tasks. Any security flaws in the data can cause the company actual damage.

You can request data security and app security services from your app development partner since they will recommend the most relevant best security practices based on the size of the app and the type of user engagement.

7. App updates and maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance are required for mobile apps. Additionally, for a smooth app experience, app developers must offer enough technical support. As the app platform evolves into cutting-edge technologies, businesses must update their app integrations. Even after the application has been launched, these still can add too little cost. Additionally, administrators of app routine maintenance help your app run more smoothly by resolving hidden bugs and other problems.

How does the outsourcing collaboration model affect the app development cost?

The models mentioned below affect the app development cost:

1. Fixed price

In the fixed price model, unless there is a case of force majeure, the company closely adheres to the predetermined budget and the agreed-upon scope of work. The fixed price model provides clients with predictable expectations for potential expenditures.

Although the client is still compelled to pay the predetermined sum even if the scope is reduced during development, it lacks flexibility. The fixed price approach is usually only used by app development companies when the client has approved the design and has given clear requirements. The fixed price approach is not advised for startups because, in the initial stage, app requirements can vary drastically.

2. Time and resources

The time and resources spent are the only things you pay for. This makes this model perfect for startup owners who don’t want to pay fixed fees. While this model supports the fast-changing requirements of a startup, it is a poor estimate of the final spending for app development.

3. Dedicated team

A dedicated development team is assigned by the app development company to work on your app under this model. In comparison to alternative outsourcing methods, you will have more focus and fewer meetings as a result.

However, you will be liable for paying the hired team’s monthly wages. For instance, the app development company charges $45 for a developer. Assuming 160 hours of work per month, a month of service will cost $7,200. You will be responsible for assigning responsibility and coordinating efforts with the team. Even if the team is idle, you are still responsible for paying the monthly salary for the predetermined period. This model is advised for mature startups or outstaff projects.

How to find the best IT outsourcing company?

1. Seek recommendations

Outsourcing mobile applications is a popular and well-established method of collaboration. It is used by lots of new and established businesses. You can ask for recommendations if your business partner has quickly and effectively outsourced application development.

2. Check review platforms

You may spend a lot of hours researching and analysing the website of the IT outsourcing company, but it would be wiser to check out unbiased review sites. It provides you with a more accurate representation of the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Meet with the developer team

Initiate contact with the top IT companies on your list to set up an interview. You have a great chance to learn about their prior work, technical expertise, workplace structure, and methodologies for app development. Additionally, make sure the outsourced application development team is aware of your company objectives and priorities them when streamlining the application. The second priority is to assess the developers’ technical proficiency.

How much does it cost to outsource app development?

Of course, everything is dependent on this. However, take into account that developing mobile apps is not inexpensive. The functionality of mobile apps can be very diverse. There could be a number of production and deployment stages, including testing, depending on how many there are. A team of qualified professionals is needed for app development, which adds to the cost.

Here are a few examples for your better understanding:

  • Simple app development cost – $40,000-120,000
  • Medium-complexity app development cost – $120,000-200,000
  • Complex app development cost – $200,000-300,000+

The prices for mobile app development can vary, but they are quite high. This is why outsourcing mobile app development to offshore countries can be a wise decision.

Should I outsource my app development?

Outsourcing allows you to considerably lower the project’s overall cost if you require a skilled app development team. It can be difficult to choose the best company with a pool of qualified specialists to fulfil your business objectives and goals, but we nevertheless advise you to give it a shot. If you want to reduce the cost of developing a mobile app without sacrificing the quality of the end product, outsourcing to Eastern European nations or Asia (India or the Philippines) will be very helpful.


It is sometimes considered a risk to outsource app development. Although there are thousands of outsourcing companies around the world, not all of them provide genuinely high-quality services. Choosing an outsourcing provider based on the tips we provided will help you work with a top performer and make the most of your partnership.

Also, if you want to outsource your app development, you can get in touch with CloudXperte. We are a professional web and app development company that has won the trust of many customers. We offer comprehensive app development services. Using our developers, you can save money on your outsourced app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. CloudXperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.

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