Nowadays, real estate apps are a trend that helps businesses sell or rent their properties, while also providing individuals with the ability to search for properties that match their needs. When considering developing a real estate app, one of the first questions that come to mind is ‘how much will it cost?’

You may be aware that features are primarily responsible for making an app appealing, but they also have an impact on its cost. In this article, we attempt to cover nearly all of the essential topics concerning features and cost-affecting reasons.

Read this article till the end to know more about how much it costs to create a real-estate app.

Importance of Real Estate App

Technology advances over time and most sectors have adopted different technological platforms. One of the sectors which have adopted technological platforms is real estate. The real estate sector is competitive; so, every property business person requires an ingenious solution. Assume you are also a property business owner in need of a platform to interact with a wider audience and increase sales. Then developing a real estate mobile app can indeed be immensely beneficial.

All you are required to do is planning, make preparations, release, and expertly focus on promoting the app with the help of real estate mobile app development services based on current trends and your relevant business necessities. You can launch a mobile app on Android, iOS, or web platforms.

What Type of Apps Can You Develop for Real Estate?

It is one of the most important questions a business owner should ask before creating a real estate app. A personalised real-estate app designed to meet specific needs will be most effective. However, you can also consider some other types of mobile real-estate applications out in the market.

1. House for Sale App

These types of apps are also referred to as house hunting apps. House for sale apps offers customers numerous options if trying to locate their ideal property.

By wanting to pursue this approach, you can link up with customers and give them a potent search option that allows them to undertake criteria-based searches, such as price limit, location, specific requirements, and much more.

2. Real-Estate Service Marketplace App

Some of the most preferred options for the app development real estate sector are where end-users cross paths with property owners or vice versa. When using the app, a user can select an estate to buy or list their property for sale so that a buyer can contact them through messaging. By implementing this approach, you could, therefore, earn money as a property aggregator.

3. Real-Estate Agent App

These types of apps are indeed being created to help real estate agents. Agents on the property platform sign up themselves and list their services for potential clients to approach them. Agents can also conduct B2B deals here.

4. Property Rental App

Rather than buying, some people prefer to rent a home for a set period of time. On the other hand, so many people earn money by renting out their property. As a result, a customised real estate rental app will work well enough for them.

How Can You Do Your Real Estate App Monetization?

The goal is clear: you want to make money with the application. As a result, it is essential to understand how to monetize the real estate application. You can consider the following suggestions:

1. Featured Listing

The paid feature listing service can display a property seller profile and list at the top, among others. Once a property seller posts their ad, it will appear on the top until the time period for which they have paid the plan.

2. Third-Party Advertisement

Going to allow third-party advertisers to showcase their ads is yet another strategy for monetizing the real-estate app. To enact it, you can also provide a premium membership action plan or paid advertisements.

3. Commission-Based App

It is the most classical way to profit from a sale or purchase, with an aggregator getting paid after the transaction is completed. The app will pay the commission directly.

4. Subscription

You can provide a wide range of plans by implementing this model, which includes free versions, monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans. The user can select the appropriate plan according to his preference.

What Features Should Your Real Estate App Have?

There are several features which are must-haves in a real estate app. Some of the features are listed below:

1. Login and Sign-up

Using a mobile application will allow you to create individual accounts for each of your customers. All they have to do is sign up using their social media account or through email verification process.

Following that, customers need to provide all of their personal information, such as their email address, phone number, and so forth.

It will make it much simpler for them to move forward with the connectivity. You must ensure that dealers and customers are aided through different interfaces. As a result, users can also be confident that the application is secure and suitable to be used!

2. Lists

This feature is essential in a real estate application. Yes, you could even notify the real estate app development company about that kind of feature, so that they can resolve it likewise.

They will have the list created in such a manner that users can understand the various services based on their spending limit. They can choose the services they want and fill out the necessary information to proceed with convenience.

3. Images

Your users will undoubtedly recognize the various properties very well if there are images of them.

According to a lot of iPhone and Android app development companies, majority of users and customers are most interested in pictorial imagery of the properties they are dealing with. They can quickly view the videos and images by simply clicking on the given properties.

4. Map and Location

Among the most crucial requirements for the application is that the user has access to map and location information. This makes it easier for their dealers to direct clients to the accurate location of the property.

In addition to everything else, the possibility of the customer visiting the location and inspecting the property will increase the likelihood of a successful deal. Therefore, you should work with a mobile app developer who can implement this option and increase your Return on investment.

5. Favorite Markers

Users frequently miss trying to look for the same property again when searching for real estate properties in an application. A property needs to have a user’s favourite section to prevent such scenarios. This prevents them from losing their chosen preferred properties in one section.

6. Search Attribute

Those looking for specific properties will prefer to go directly to that section, which can be accomplished using a search feature, which will enable them to locate and access the property directly.

According to their location, type, budget, and several other criteria, they can filter their search requirements. With this feature, your customers will get the best and most high-quality service possible.

7. Chatbot

The most latest apps include chatbots. In regards to user engagement, your property app will benefit greatly from it. Additionally, it will enable you to save money on customer service. You can also consider hiring Chatbot developers if you want a particular Chatbot.

8. AR/VR 

Almost every modern app features augmented reality. It is such a great idea to implement in the real-estate app. The customer can walk through the property digitally without having to visit.

The Cost of developing a real estate app

Real estate apps typically cost between $10,000 and $30,000 to develop with basic features, and if you demand an advanced app, it could cost as much as $45,000 or more. However, the following points also have an impact on the price of developing a real estate application.

1. UI-UX Design

Hire professional mobile app developers to help you with high-end services since user experience and user design are very important aspects of real estate applications.

2. Backend Development

The pursuit of backend development is unabated. To organise your content management system and greatly assist users per their needs, you will have to pay a service charge.

3. Number of Developers

The total number of developers affects the price of mobile app development. Costs will increase as more developers are working on the project.

4. Involvement of Features

The basic app persists to be more affordable than those with more advanced features. Therefore, it will cost higher than the basic version if you desire to add more features.

5. Platform Orientation

Likewise, determining how much it will cost to develop a real estate app is a platform perspective. For instance, the price of developing an iOS mobile app differs from that of an Android app. The cost of creating iPhone apps is still higher than that of creating Android apps.

6. App Submission and Launching

There is a fee for submitting an app to each app store. The fee for the Google Play Store is $25, and the fee for the Apple App Store is $95, both of which will be included in the total cost of your app development.

7. App Marketing

The cost is also impacted by app marketing. It will be worthwhile though. It functions similarly to how a successful marketing plan will draw users’ attention and raise the possibility of more onboarding.


After COVID-19, the real estate sector is once again on the rise. Real estate is one of the conventional businesses that have moved to online platforms. If you are preparing to release your app, this article will assist you in choosing its features and provide you with an idea of how much it will cost to create a real estate mobile app.

Hiring a real estate developer and getting your application released on the mobile platform will be wise if you want a splendid app that will engage with customers and promote company growth. Introducing a cross-platform mobile app can also be a good option if you intend to approach more users.

Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into How Much Does it Cost to Create a Real Estate App. At Cloudxperte, we offer exceptional development services that will help take your ideas to the next level. Using our developers, you can save money on app development costs and get your app developed to its full potential. Cloudxperte’s highly skilled developers can work on complex projects and deliver them on time.

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