Automotive Exchange Pvt Limited

Automotive Exchange Pvt Limited (Carwale) is a car trade tech services firm that offers an array of tools and services that help customers decide which car to buy, from whom and at what price. Founded in 2016, the company has different subsidiaries that provide similar services. Through their services, Automotive Exchange Pvt Limited aims to simplify the process of buying automobiles in India.

Axis Entertainment Limited

Axis Entertainment Limited is a company that creates games and other content for children based on the current market requirements. They also collaborate with other game developers to create gaming content, publish them and help them reach the right audience through PR. Axis Entertainment is one of the top 10 Indian companies in the global game development market.

Binaryveda Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Binaryveda Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a boutique consultancy that delivers mobile apps to businesses across the world. Their services include iOS, Android and React Native app development, web design and development using React JS, and back-end development involving Java, Node JS and Amazon Web Services. They also provide integration of futuristic technology, such as IoT, AR/VR, and voice assistants (Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.).

Biztran Solutions

Biztran Solutions is a software development company based in Navi Mumbai that provides a variety of software-based services to its clients. The services they offer include Custom Software Development, Web App Development, Enterprise Solutions (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. Their innovative and cost-effective solutions help their clients in digitally transforming their businesses.

Dirtcube Interactive LLP

Dirtcube Interactive LLP is a fast-growing start up based in Navi Mumbai. The company focuses on providing interactive media and digital entertainment solutions, which includes games, mobile apps, VR, AR, etc. Dirtcube Interactive LLP believes in not going the conventional way of working – outsourcing or “Indianising” already existing solutions. Instead, they prefer to create solutions that they themselves would want to use.

Element Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Element Retail Pvt. Ltd. provides the best brand experience to its customers through their exclusive outlets. The brands they distribute include Apple, Asics, Speedo, Jockey, Giant and Birkenstock. They are also the first to open and experience center for the brand Giant bicycles in India. The company believes in providing the best experience to its customers who love the brands as much as they do.


ePaisa – Startup

ePaisa is a point-of-sale solution provider that helps digitalize local businesses. The ePaisa point of sale app is free and cloud based and acts as a business management solution that is accessible using a smartphone or a tablet. The app can be used to document the sales, manage inventory and build customer loyalty and the cloud-based back-office tools provide sales reports and insights that help you analyze the performance of your business and make required changes.

Extreme Soft Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Extreme Soft Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a company that provides HR Consulting, IT and non- IT ,recruitment and staffing Solutions services to organizations – small, medium and large across different industries. Their main products are Internet Time Attendance and Access Control with Smart Card, Biosis Q-Clear Finger Prints.

Findability Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Findability Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an Enterprise AI Company that digitally transforms conventional businesses to data superpowers. The company combines Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to create the best solutions that help businesses overcome even the most complex and critical business challenges. Through their solutions, the company helps businesses create their own IP and data science capability and strategize to derive profit from their services.

G4K Solutions Pvt Ltd

G4K Solutions is provides opportunities to Independent Business Associate (BA) all over India to promote their applications under the G4K banners. The applications should specifically be based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and act as solutions to various businesses. Businesses can create profiles and start using the applications an hour later.

Global Eagle Entertainment

Global Eagle Entertainment, now known as Anuvu, is a company that provides connectivity and content to mobility markets. Their clients majorly include the aviation and maritime industry. Through their reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions, the company focuses on meeting the constantly changing technology needs of their clients.

Hadwise Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Hadwise Infotech is a Software IT outsourcing company that provides software outsourcing services and solutions to its clients across the world. Their services include web design and development, mobile app development, graphics design, social media marketing and digital marketing. They believe in providing quality and cost-effective services that help clients meet their business needs.

Hanna Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Hanna Equipments ( India) Pvt. Ltd. designs and develops scientific and analytical instruments, which include turbidity meters, magnetic stirrers, process instruments, dosing pumps, temperature meter and much more. Through their products, the company serves a variety of industries that include agriculture, education and more. Apart from creating equipment in general, they also create solutions as per customer requirements.

Happy2refer – Startup

Happy2Refer provides clients with all best possibilities in reaching to and people for their business. The Happy2refer referral app creates multi-degree referral chain to improve the reach while offering super cool intelligence and exciting rewards. This would surely compel companies, employees and their networks in finding the right talent.

ILM Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

ILM Innovative Solutions is a company that provides user-centric Information technology solutions. They create engaging user interface designs that are interesting and simple. The services offered by ILM involve a mix of resources from technology, fine arts, multimedia and creativity. Through their services, the company intends to help businesses achiever their business goals by simplifying their needs.

Infinite It Web

Infiny Webcom Pvt. Ltd. is a web and mobile app development company that uses their technical expertise to make businesses better. The company provides light-weight, scalable and robust solutions that help businesses convert their ideas into reality. They offer web development, mobile app development and business analysis and consulting services.

Job Zone

Job Zone is a company that provides placement services for accounts staff, marketing executives and cook in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company focuses on providing customized solutions that are of high quality and are cost-effective. Job Zone follows a strong customer-centric approach and tries to meet the quality of services.

Leza Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Leza Solutions is a mobile app design and development studio that provides an array of associated services. The services include iOS and Android development, ecommerce solutions, warehouse management system, web development and system support.


Mirraw is an ecommerce platform that is into apparel and fashion retail. From ethnic jewellery, apparels, accessories and much more, Mirraw sells an array of products and ensures that their customers have the best ethnic designs at their door step. The company is currently at the start up stage and is focused on ethnic wear with the aim of being the top in the retail industry over the years.


MOVE10X provides an Uber style technology platform for its clients, especially in the intra-city logistics market and enterprises that manage and share commercial vehicle fleet for intercity market. The platform helps businesses provide on-demand vehicle fleet for intra-city shipping and also provides vehicle tracking, driver verification and vehicle inspection services.

NeuroSpeech Technologies Pvt Ltd.

NeuroSpeech Technologies started out in 2001 as a provider of PC tools, which included utilities to development tools. At present, the company delivers a variety of open-source tools and development tools that are being used by even major businesses. Neurospeech has always kept up with the technological changes with time and has come up with products and services accordingly.

OctaShop eRetail Services Private Limited

OctaShop eRetail Services offers Technology, Consulting and managed services to its clients. They provide enterprise-level technology solutions to the online businesses of India’s largest retailers. They also provide ecommerce solutions, helping online store businesses grow and expand in the retail market.


POKKT is a mobile video advertising company located in India, South East Asia and MENA countries. They create rewarded video ads to be integrated into mobile games. Businesses can use the ads to monetize their non-paying users and also to maximize eCPMs with the help of targeted brand video ads within their apps.


Prolifiquetech is a company that provides IT services to its clients. They provide ecommerce, web design, development, web application and integration services to businesses – small and big. The company focuses on providing tailor-made solutions to businesses based on the latest technologies and trends.


Snap Work Technologies Pvt Ltd

Snapwork provides technology-based solutions to clients to help them easily manage the complexities of their domain. Their services include digital transformation, cloud services, DevsecOps, cloud native development services, agile development and DevOps, etc. The company believes in providing quality services that aligns with all client needs and meet client expectations.

Startup – Fitternity

Fitternity is a wellness booking and subscription platform, where users can browse and book fitness and wellness services across a network of over 12000 gyms and studios in India. Apart from booking services, the company also provides one pass virtual, live stream classes, fit-TV, personal training sessions, nutrition, and mental wellness consultations through its applications.

Systate Software Private Limited

Systate Software is a company that provides custom software solutions to its clients after studying their requirements and needs. Their services include Software publishing, consultancy and supply software, operating systems software, business and other applications, computer games software for all platforms. They also provide technical support to their clients.

Techno Bliss Solution

Techno Bliss Solution is a technology based service provider that offers a variety of services across different domains. They combine their knowledge and expertise in business domain with trending technologies and methodologies to deliver the best solutions that align with client needs. Their services include Software development, web solutions, mobile app development, project management solutions, HR & Payroll Solution and more.

Testbook – Startup

Testbook is a well-known e-learning provider and is one of the fastest rising edtech startups. Their app provides the best exam preparation solutions, ranging from question banks based on topics to lectures. The company provides the best opportunities for their employees by giving them the chance to choose the project they want to work on and to decide how and when to work on them.

Three Tel Network Services Pvt Ltd

Three Tel Network Services provides the best quality software solutions to clients based on their business needs. Their services include software development, managed services provider and network operation center (NOC), ecommerce solutions and DevOps services. The company focuses on collaborating with their clients and be a part of their digital transformation journey.

Trotez – Startup

Trotez is a company that provides solutions to organize travel itinerary and reward programs through their mobile app. The app supports over 130 travel providers and over 600 loyalty programs. All travel itineraries uploaded by the users and reward programs are organized in a single interface of the app.

VizNetics Technology

VizNetics Technology provides IT based services to small, medium and large enterprises. Their services mainly include Software development and associated solutions.

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