Skills To Become an IoT Developer

IoT is one of the most wanted skills for a developer in the 21st century that has innovative power to connect all the devices virtually via internet web service. It is due to this connectivity that devices together produce enhanced potential to automate operations remotely by performing seamless communication.

Companies nowadays seek professionals with polished skill sets in the domain of IoT development. Therefore, it is important to know what skills you need to become an IoT developer. Smart Homes, driver less cars and modern offices are quintessential examples of IoT success.

Here we bring you the top 10 vital skills you need to know to become an IoT app developer.

#1. AI and Machine Learning

An IoT developer should possess the skills of analyzing and gathering a huge amount of data for deciphering the pattern and predicting the outcome.

With the increase of complexity, AI is used for handling the tasks and autonomous decisions are made with the help of AI. The algorithms of machine learning are used for the creation of smarter appliances with the help of data sensors.

The developers should have the skills of machine learning and big data management for making certain predictions which is based on the identification of data patterns. Every company needs skilled IoT developers that can harvest the data from the sensors and connected devices.

#2. Consider the Crucial Role of Sensors

In almost every automated solution, there are sensors exchanging the live data to a digitally connected system. IoT developers must have detailed knowledge and thorough understanding of how sensors work and integrate into the IoT-powered architecture.

It is important for IoT engineers to be skilled in wireless solutions and embedded systems and relevant functionalities. There are many engineering institutes that offer reliable sensors-related courses for IoT enthusiasts.

#3. UI-centric Approach

User experience is closely connected to the design and impact created by User interface. To develop an ideal IoT development skill, it is crucial to be UI-focused since it offers the front control for all background operations and machine-to-machine interactions.

User interface should be built in such a way that even an incompetent person can handle and trigger the most complicated operation using just a few good buttons.

If anything goes wrong, UI must be equipped enough to guide users. Of the challenges for IoT developers, hence, is to cultivate skills to build fluid, intuitive and sophisticated UI with easy-to-understand call-to-actions and interactive elements.

#4. Knowledge of JavaScript and Python

Having competitive programming skills helps you appear as a pro in IoT field. You must excel at a few current languages used to program IoT devices such as JavaScript or Python.

If you are a novice, you may need to hone your skills first in these programing platforms and then embark on developing IoT solutions.

JavaScript is the most essential web-based scripting language leveraged for developing scalable and secure backend system. While JavaScript is device-friendly, Python helps developers with performing flawless coding.

#5. Proven Skills in Node.js Development

The IoT developer should possess the skills of working in the open-source environment like Node.js which is used for the server-side web development for the management of connective devices like Raspberry Pi and Arduino. This platform of Node.js is highly preferred for building IoT apps.

A large number of companies with a low resource overhead are using this platform for the development of the IoT apps because of its accessibility and stability.

Some well-known and large enterprises like PayPal, Uber and Netflix are using this platform to experience consistent performance.

#6. Security Infrastructure and Engineering

IoT app development is often hindered by issues like data loss, privacy concerns, security, malware attacks and network vulnerability. The main reasons behind the security issues are the complex nature and scalability of IoT connectivity.

Hence, the companies hire skilled professionals that have the knowledge of endpoint and software security, especially to protect anything that is connected to the internet.

The companies are more prepared than ever to invest in engineering a highly secure IoT architecture and hire talented IoT developers who can mitigate risks involved in embedded systems.

#7. Big Data

A large amount of data is made available after the advancement of IoT and therefore big data is used for the purpose of analyzing and assessing the data.

The companies hire skilled professionals that have knowledge of big data so that the relevant data are collected and the useless information is filtered out.  This mechanism is highly effective with AI and other software.

When big data is combined with AI, the enterprises are able to function more efficiently and quickly. Hence, companies look out for skilled developers that have the capability of developing algorithms for the organization of data in a more effective manner.

#8. AutoCAD

As the complexity and quantity of the IoT devices are increasing at a rapid pace, the enterprises require stronger software technologies that are flexible in nature.

Therefore, skilled IoT developers that have knowledge of AutoCAD are appointed by the companies for their necessary development. This software is used by the developers in several engineering applications.

With the help of Auto CAD, smart devices and products are enabled for making necessary design changes during the various stages of product development. This software is used by the developers for the purpose of personalization and hardware standardization.

#9. Cloud Computing

Due to interconnected network of things of IoT, there is a good chance that there will be a large amount of data to handle. This will require a reliable data storage which poses as a big challenge for IoT developers. One solid way to address this issue is to resort to cloud computing solutions that can help host excess of data.

This is the reason why IoT industry is open to hiring professionals who are versed in or have previous history of working on cloud computing technologies for effective analysis-ready data storage and management solutions.

#10. Mobile Hardware Environment

IoT indicated Internet of Things where Things further reveal hardware components. Since hardware is the core of IoT embedded system, it is essential for developers to possess most exquisite knowledge on how hardware works and what goes where.

IoT experts need to be aware of the tendency of each component connected to the internet and their responses to surrounding conditions along with how much data is flowing through those devices.

All the objects are driven by mobile apps and software built for smartphones, wearables, tablets, PC, etc. This is why it is primarily expected of developers to have sound knowledge about iOS and Android platforms ecosystem.


Among all other skills, discussed above are vital for developer who are looking to have flourishing career in IoT domain. IoT companies would need to construct the workforce full of professionals who are willing to foster collaborative, dynamic and agile environment.

Also, if you aspire to be a handsomely paid IoT development specialist, you will be expected to master these trending skills.

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