Certifications For Mobile App Developers

Smartphone usage is surging from 1 billion to nearly 2 billion this year and may cross 2.5 billion by the end of the year. Communication and mobile apps are two fundamental drivers for a booming boost in smartphone sales. Mobile apps have replaced computers, offering great convenience and interactive platforms at the tip of fingers.

India has a strong smartphone market for developing innovative mobile apps. There are ample incredible opportunities for today’s mobile app developers. However, professional career of developers gets elevated with proper certification and relevant skills. Certification enhances credibility of your resume and helps earn trust from mobile development companies.

In this blog you will realize the importance of getting certified for your skills and learn top mobile development certifications available in 2018.

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Need For Certifications

Not all mobile app developers get success from creating a superhit app in the first go. Those who seek a professional career will join top companies to work as a developer. Employers also filter their candidates through a strict selection process that often involve criteria around extensive experience, portfolio, skills and industry-wide knowledge.

In order to make impression in interviews, candidates can flaunt their bachelor degree in Computer Science supported with valid certifications.

Although not all job descriptions expect mobile app development certifications, having a certification definitely adds spotlight in your resume or qualifies you for promotion. Certification also helps Mobile app developers increase their chance of getting higher average salaries.

Android Certified Application Developer

Android and iOS are two dominant smartphone OS with Android possessing more than 80% market share. This suggests that demand for Android apps is burgeoning, and certified Android developers have a brighter chance to meet great opportunities in their long-term job careers.

Android Certified Application developer is the most sought-after certification as Tom’s IT Pro study on different job boards reveals. Advanced training and certification for Android developers is provided by ATC (Advanced Training Consultants). This certification is of beginning level meant for those who want to leart to design and build Android apps.

This is probably the best pick among certifications for Android mobile app developers. Candidates must pass its core Android Application Development examination that consists of 45 MCQs to be completed in 90 minutes. To earn certification, the minimum score is 70%. Candidates can prepare using Android application development course and self-study guides are also available.

The exam tests the knowledge and experience across variety of topics related to Android app development. The certified developer is able to:

  • Conceive and build a fully-fledged Android app
  • Use different plugins and tools to test and debug an Android app
  • Understand Android app lifecycle and major components
  • Use Android persistent storage and background processing techniques

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MCSD: Windows Store Apps

If you want to build a high-quality app for Windows OS, a developer certified with MCSD Window Store Apps could be your best resort. In order to acquire this certification, developers have two programming languages: C# or HTML 5. Usually, companies don’t consider much what language developers prefer to build Windows apps.

Developers who secure MCSD: Windows Store Apps HTML 5 certification gain the following skillset:

  • Write HTML 5 apps using JavaScript and CSS3
  • Create a Windows Store app using JavaScript and HTML5
  • Develop advanced Windows Store Apps using JavaScript and HTML5

Developers who have the MCSD: Windows Store Apps using C# certifications can perform the following:

  • Write program and code using C#
  • Build a Windows Store app in C#
  • Developer advanced Windows Store apps using C#

Oracle Java ME Mobile Application Developer

If you aspire to be an established Java developer and are seeking a solid career in mobile app development, Oracle Java ME Mobile Application Developer is the considerable certification. It was formerly known as the Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer. You can create mobile apps using Java after completing the exam.

To appear for the exam, developers fulfil the prerequisite which is to achieve any of the following certifications:

  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Java Programmer (SE5 or SE6)
  • Sun certified programmer (SCJP)

Developers must clear the exam of Java (ME) Mobile Edition 1 Mobile Application Developer Certified Professional 1Z0-869. The certification exam consists of 68 MCQs and the timeframe is 158 minutes. The minimum score required to clear the exam is 58%.

For preparation, you can take reference from Java ME: Develop Applications for Mobile Phones. Apart from this, the certification also requires you to have strong hands-on practice or on-the-job experience in the topics covered in exam.

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App Security Certifications

Businesses emphasize on mobile app developers that comply with highest app data security standards since many times users share their financial data and personal information.

App users’ data is constantly at risk of getting hacked, and any data-specific vulnerability can damage the business reputation. This is why certain companies prefer to hire developers who are certified in mobile app security.

One security-focused certification to consider is CompTIA Mobility+ that evaluates the skills and knowledge about network administration, app security and mobile engineering. Candidates should know about the topics like troubleshooting, Bluetooth, network structure, Wi-Fi and other security-related technologies.

The Certified Professional – Mobility (CCP-M) from Citrix is another recommendable certification in App security. It tests candidates’ knowhow in IT compliance & security, application and device management.

Associate Android Developer

Google provides official training and certification as Associate Android Developer program in order to create a cavalcade of well-groomed, polished and competent Android developers. Along with this certifications, Google also offers Mobile Web Specialist, Google Certified Professional in Cloud architect and Certified Professional – Data Engineers.

The Google Associate Android Developer certification mainly stands for specialization in many aspects of Android apps including:

  • Designing and debugging
  • Storage solutions design
  • Building applications for interfaces outside the core Android application

The exam tests performance of candidates and their ability to understand the working concepts of UI and UX and create standard and custom layouts using XML and Java code.

Google also offers new programmers as well as seasoned developers a few free informative courses through Udacity to train candidates before appearing for the exam.

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Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Salesforce has mastered CRM solutions and provides solid support to its customers with various solutions in domains like sales, service, analytics and productivity and IoT. Looking at Salesforce market impression, its Salesforce certification program is no doubt considerably created with care for developers in mind.

Salesforce app builder has gained sensational response across many online ob boards. the primary reason is that it trains professionals who are engaged in designing, building and deploying custom apps for Salesforce platform. Candidates need to pass a single exam for certification that covers quite contemporary topics like:

  • Data management and modelling
  • User interfaces
  • Business logic
  • Use cases for custom app features
  • Security
  • Design reports
  • Custom dashboards

At the completion of the certification, developers will be able to create social features and customize applications to be used on mobile devices and deploy them. Candidates for App Builders must also pass maintenance module exams to gain deeper insight into product release cycle.

SAP Certified Development Associate – SMP Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Developer

Offered and maintained by Enterprise Mobility, Germany, SAP Certified Development Associate is prepared for developers who deal with SAP/Sybase products. This certification tests intermediate-level knowledge of developers.

Individuals through the exam possess a strong foundational knowledge of Hybrid and Native application development on SAP mobile platform 2.3. The prerequisite before earning this certification is to have several years of on-the-job experience.

The exam structure consists of 80 MCQs to be completed in 3 hours, and it majorly explores nine technical areas. Minimum passing score is 65%.

As far as support goes, Enterprise Mobility offers Learning Hub that gives access to:

  • Helpful subject-specific training material & resources
  • Dedicated Learning Rooms
  • Virtual Learning Spaces for effective guidance

The subscribers have a lot to gain from SAP certification Learning Hub, including relevant practical knowledge and training about Hybrid and Native Mobile app development delivered virtually by SAP instructors.


Discovering a talented mobile app developer is a challenging task, but a sharp-eyed research and conscious lookout for certified developers can set you close to the right deserving candidates. Individuals with Industry knowledge and practical hands-on experience matter a great deal if you are seeking the great, and not just the good. Hiring a team of mobile app developers with any of the above certifications will give you a competitive advantage and confidence that your projects are handled by the industry veterans.