Mobile App Development Companies are always on the search for better developers. They prefer to make the most out of the salaries that they pay. So, as a developer, you might need to hone your skills in order to become successful doing mobile app development.

Here are some tips that would help you to become a better mobile app developer.

1. Read other Developer’s Code

No matter how good a developer you are, you always have one thing or the other to learn from your co-workers. You should actively take effort in reading other people’s code and learn from them. That way you could be exposed to a new logic or a new angle of solving a problem, thereby growing yourself into a better developer.

2. Get Someone to Read your Code Too

Getting someone to read your code is as important as reading other people’s code. Mobile App Developers  are often too timid or too egoistic to consider this approach.

For most people it is so hard to find one’s own mistake. We are all so pleased with our hard work, ain’t we? You comb for errors and you feel more confident about your code. So, it is worth remembering that a good code is something that everybody could understand and not yourself alone.

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3. Fix Bugs Prior to Writing New Code

Can you guess what is the most harmful thing that Mobile App Developers thinks when he finds out a bug?

It’s thinking that you will fix it later. If you can break out of this habit, you will get one step closer to better mobile app development.

4. Learn New Technologies

Those who have started developing for Apple recently might have seen how Swift is being widely adopted and replacing Objective C. It is very important that a developer constantly be aware of the changing technologies and train themselves to stay in demand.

5. Write a Blog Post

You know that you understand a topic well when you are able to teach it to others. There is no better way of sharing your unique experiences, knowledge, and love for programming than writing blog posts.

6. Contribute to Open Source

People could easily think that this is so purposeless. In a world where conversion is everything, why should one give one’s service for free? Why should one make waste of their valuable family time?

Contributing to open source has got it’s own advantages. You can keep informed of the trends in the field and collaborate with other developers outside of your organization. This will help you in networking as well.

7. Fix it, Don’t Hack It

When you have a messy code to deal with and a tight schedule at hand, it will always be tempting to hack it instead of fixing it. A priceless advice is to take your time and find the bug, no matter what. Otherwise, you will end up getting more frustrated and irritated than you were, when the vanished error keeps coming back later to kick you in the ass.

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8. Do Test Driven Development (TDD)

Unit testing can be exhausting for Mobile App Developers, especially when a shoddy code is bequeathed to you from a second developer. For a superior codebase, it is always better to break the untested code into blocks and add the tests one by one.

9. Take Ten Odd Minutes Away from the Desk

Last but not the least, leave your desk and have a stretch. As a programmer, sitting glued to the desk all day would be nothing unfamiliar to you. But if you don’t want to spend all the money you make on medical bills, take enough breaks and take it wisely. It will also help you to stay focused under the pressure and avoid things that might set you off.