Everyone dreams of finding that dream job, but hardly ever finds it. There are so many places to look for jobs. Because of that, you either settle for the first opportunity or never even come across your dream job.

Well, no more.

TechnoAlliance has now launched an all new mobile app for its recruitment portal Softbreaks . It brings every available jobs listed on the internet in India to your fingertips. You need not jump from website to website looking for the ideal job opening. Jobs listed in all the popular websites are listed within the Softbreaks app. This allows you to not waste time skipping websites.

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An App for Employers as well

“The Softbreaks app is more than handy for employers. It provides valuable data which helps employers understand the sort of competition they have while sourcing new profiles.” a company spokesperson added.

He went on to say “For example, an employer is looking for an Android developer. By looking at the various graphs in the Softbreaks app, He will be able understand how much demand is there for the position in the last 40 days in a particular location.  Furthermore, it can be seen how many openings were there for the position on each day of the current week. This can influence the whole hiring process, helping the employer to secure the best talent in the industry within their limitations”

User-friendly Interface

The app interface is easy to navigate, with a modern menu option.  Users are greeted by a simple search bar. Currently there are nine categories for which the jobs are sourced.

Available jobs are displayed in an easily scrollable list. Each job listing has a share button which makes it possible for job seekers to share over social media, chat apps, etc.

Android as well as iOS App

Softbreaks has an android app as well as an iOS app. Both are equally good functionality-wise. Do check them out

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Softbreaks Mobile App Features

– Hassle-free job search

– Job alerts on mobile without sign-in

– Jobs sourced from top job websites

– Search for jobs under different industries (more would be added in coming updates) such as Mobile Application, Web Application, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Application, E-commerce Application, Testing, etc.

– Choose the location of your choice

– Source jobs according to your experience and location

– Get to know the most sought after group according to experience in years for each job

– Know the city which seeks the most number of candidates for each job

– Easy to use layout and interface including a simple menu that makes navigation simple

– See how many new jobs are added daily

– See the total number of active jobs

– Pie charts that tell you the percent of job openings for each position in relation to your particular industry

– Share jobs to your friends using the in-app sharing feature. Share on Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, email, etc

We will continuously add new features to this job search app as they are developed. These incremental updates will happen to make your job searches easier and more relevant.

About Softbreaks: Softbreaks is an initiative by the TechnoAlliance group of companies to help out recruiters as well as job seekers.  It started in 2013 as a recruiter’s portal for TechnoAlliance’s internal recruitment requirements. But a new idea was formed and implemented for helping out recruiters and job seekers. The first phase of website changes have already happened while an even better interface is on its way. Softbreaks is now going mobile with the hope it can make job seeking and recruitment easier processes.