Tracking staff attendance and their whereabouts are now easy with our Wi-Fi attendance daily attendance tracker app – an innovative technology that surpasses RFID biometric systems in all aspects. Spending hours on HR management is now a thing of the past. With our daily attendance tracker app, HR management is quick and efficient and HR managers can get enough time to focus on other tasks.

Wi-Fi attendance daily attendance tracker app works only with Wi-Fi connectivity. It means employees can mark attendance only when they are within the connectivity range of office Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi router device in the app keeps the employees in the network and the app can track the exact location of the employees.


Take care of many business challenges using our Wi-Fi attendance app.

Live Tracking

Track employees’ real-time location using Wi-Fi attendance app. This helps prevent employee malpractices and get accurate details of the number of thhours they work.

Save time and money

The app accurately keeps track of the working hours of employees, thus saving the effort and time of organizations. And time saved means reduced expenses.

Enhanced productivity

Malpractices, like buddy punching are out of question as the app works only in the range of office Wi-Fi. It keeps the workflow smooth and also boosts employee productivity.

Accurate Payroll

Wi-Fi attendance app tracks employee working hours accurately with details of paid off time, vacation time and timesheet entries. All these details can be integrated with payroll easily.

Wi-Fi attendance app features

Wi-Fi attendance app has features suitable for the manager, employee and HR.

The manager app has the following features:

Clock in and out time

View clock in and out timings of employees in the Wi-Fi attendance app. This gives managers the idea of how many hours an employee spent on work, lunch break, etc.


View and approve leave requests of employees through the manager app. Managers can also see the details of remaining leave in the app.

Real-time data

Managers receive real-time updates of employee attendance in the app. They can use it to check employee location and their performance.

The employee attendance app features include the following.

Employee attendance

Employee punch in-punch out details will be registered in the Wi-Fi attendance app. Since the clock in and clock out happens within office Wi-Fi range, the details will be accurate and there will not be any chance for malpractices.

User-friendly dashboard

Wi-Fi attendance app displays employee attendance data in a graphical format for easy comprehension. The format gives information about working hours, leave allotment, etc.

Leave management

Apply for leave and get it approved within the app. Special leave requests (half-day) can also be applied using the app. Users can also see details of leaves, pending/approved leave requests and leave balance.

Payroll integration

Wi-Fi attendance app is linked to payroll, which means all details of employee attendance and working hours, leaves and paid time off will be integrated with payroll. This makes payroll management an easy task.

Holiday calendar

This feature updates employees about holidays available in a year in one click. Knowing about upcoming holidays will help employees to plan their holidays in advance.

Employee self-service

Instead of clocking in and out using biometric systems, employees can punch in and out at their desks using the Wi-Fi attendance app. They can also request leave, make corrections to attendance and do much more without relying on an HR or manager.


Generate reports regarding employee attendance – number of working hours, missed days, over time, etc. in the app. This is of great help for HR, who is charge of creating and managing employee attendance records.

The HR attendance app has the following features.

Real-time employee locator

HR can track the location and activities of employees in real time using the app.

Payroll management

The integration of employee side of Wi-Fi attendance app and the web app makes it easy for HR to generate payroll reports.

Performance management

Access to data, such as employee time sheet, project details, available resources, etc. help HR plan the workforce based on the organization’s business needs.